6-month Love & Magic Mentorship

Are you ready for some serious shifts in your life?

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If you are ready to make some serious headway towards your goals, creating the life you’ve only dared to dream about, and are seriously committed to growing beyond what you thought possible…the 6-month Love & Magic Mentorship is for you.

We’ll start by meeting for an hour on the phone and get very clear on what it is you’d like to experience in your life.

From there we’ll continue meeting for 30-minutes each week (or for 1 hour every other week if you prefer) to move you gently towards the life you desire.

I’m an expert in Coaching, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Male/Female Energy, Energy Leadership™, Conscious Creation, Deep Listening, and Dream Analysis.

In short I’m a Magician specializing in Radical Transformation.

So, I’ll be there to support you, advise you, coach you, teach you, guide you, counsel you, cheer you on, brainstorm with you, and listen deeply to you – all the while intuiting things that are deep under the surface.

All of my intuitive magic is yours.

Are you ready to experience a whole lot of Love & Magic in your life?


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