abundanceThe past five weeks here at Songbird Coaching, we have been focused on Energy, both catabolic and anabolic. We have covered the basics on how to shift from those lower catabolic levels to the higher more anabolic levels of energy. Recently, a word keeps popping up everywhere I look …..Abundance.  What does “abundance” mean to you?  Dictionary.com defines abundance as: an extremely plentiful or oversufficient supply.  I think that covers the general perception of the word! Despite the definition saying nothing of “energy”, according to Law of Attraction, (an idea proposed in the early 1900’s and recently gaining popular recognition due to books and movies such as “The Secret”) our thoughts become things. What we focus on eventually becomes our reality, and so the Law of Attraction is mostly concerned with re-framing and refocusing negative thoughts to create positive ones and in turn manifesting what you want by shifting your focus or changing your perspective. 

Energy Leadership goes a step further by proposing that once you raise your overall level of consciousness, you do not have to create new thoughts because your natural default thoughts will always be attracting success.  We call this the Automatic Abundance Attractor. How would you like to naturally resonate at an energy level that automatically attracts abundance?  Now that’s anabolic!

Here’s to attracting abundance, automatically,


Interested in an assessment of your current E-Factor (your average resonating level of energy)?   Find out more here.

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2 Responses to Abundance

  1. terri says:

    Sounds really good. How long does it take on average to raise one’s overall consciousness and get the automatic abundance attractor?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading, Terri. The time for one to begin attracting abundance of course will vary from person to person depending on such things as current level of consciousness, whether or not they work with a coach, what kind of outer blocks they are faced with, etc. I have had clients that began to attract serious abundance and opportunities within a very short time of becoming aware of their current level of consciousness and beginning the process of consciously raising their energy level to be more anabolic.

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