Are You Getting Your Needs Met?










What is it you need?

Go ahead, to yourself, name one thing you need today.

We all have the basic human needs like our need for food, water, shelter, sex, oxygen, etc., and then there are other human needs we have as well; like the need for respect, and community, and an environment that suits us. The list goes on and on.

What I want to bring to your attention today is the difference between a NEED, and a STRATEGY.

So often, what we think we need, is actually a strategy we’ve devised in our mind.  A plan or device to getting our need met.

Here is one clue that reveals whether a “need” is actually a strategy: if you are thinking that you need a specific circumstance to occur, or a specific someone to be, do, or say something to fulfill your need, it is probably a strategy to get the real need met.

When we stay open to the idea that there are probably multiple ways of getting our needs met (not just that one specific strategy we’ve become attached to) we’ll open up more possibilities of getting our needs met!

Strategies are great, if we realize that most strategies are just one way of meeting a need.  The truth is that there are usually many more ways than just one.

Stay open and see how the Universe helps support you getting your needs met.

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