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The Power of Acceptance

Do you have some things going on in your life right now that are hard for you to accept? If you said, “yes”, you’re in good company – and a very large company at that! I can imagine that most … Continue reading

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Pink Hats, Magic Spells, and Non-resistance

                This past weekend millions of women (and men!) marched all over the globe, peacefully, purposefully, powerfully – for the cause of equality. Many of them were wearing pink hats. I’m still wearing … Continue reading

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Bye-bye 2016.

As I scroll through my social media feeds I see one common thread among all of the “trending topics”. Topics like politics and posts about so many of our favorite artists passing away. The common thread is basically a big … Continue reading

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Spell & Rituals

Spells and rituals…or maybe you refer to them as prayers and practices, or devotions and celebrations. Whichever language you like to use, these things are on my list of human needs. We have our basic needs, like air, water, food, … Continue reading

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The Ebb & Flow of a Spiritual Practice

Today someone told me that they were inspired by my spiritual practice, and they bemoaned that their own practice came in “fits and starts”. I’m flattered by the admiration, but honestly my practice has it’s own ups and downs, for … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes

How often do you say “No” by default? We mold our life by the stories we tell about ourselves, whether we tell them with actual words (which we do often) or by our actions. So often we say we want … Continue reading

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MOONLIGHT is now open for registration!

So pleased to announce that registration is now open for MOONLIGHT – A Course in Manifesting Love! Register here. Love & Magic,

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Lessons Learned

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron When I’m attempting to manifest a particular outcome and it just isn’t happening I often question my readiness. I think I want a certain thing, … Continue reading

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You Are Enough

I know something about you…maybe it’s an idea you’ll find hard to accept, or want to argue about. That’s okay. Because I don’t have to look into a crystal ball to know it’s true. In fact, it is Truth with … Continue reading

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How to Sleep Better Tonight

This morning I ran across Monte Farber’s Instagram post on his bedtime ritual for better sleep. (<—a teensy tiny insta-read and totally worth it.) This is pretty much the exact same bedtime ritual that I’ve been using lately, basically a … Continue reading

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