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I’ll have an owl, Please.

  If you could ask for anything and have it show up in the next 48 hours what would you ask for? I asked for an owl. I know, even I think that sounds a bit weird looking back on … Continue reading

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Comfort & Joy

Happy New Year Beautiful Soul! Each year I choose a “theme”, generally my theme is just a word or two that evoke the things and feelings I’d like to experience in the new year. This year, as I pondered what … Continue reading

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Do You Want More Time?

The two biggest excuses for not having the life we want are usually a lack of time & money. Not enough time, not enough money. So I often tell my clients that I can teach them how to stretch time, stop time, manipulate time. And that all starts with setting some boundaries around your time. If you want to take control of your time you have to be willing to start somewhere. Continue reading

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Tis the Season

The belief that we deserve or don’t deserve something proves to be a hindrance FAR more often than it ever helps produces anything we want in life. Continue reading

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The Wonderful Hidden Value of Guilt

Guilt. That icky sticky feeling we all hate and yet…just try something you think you shouldn’t or say “no” when you think you should say yes…and there it is! Guilt. Continue reading

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We Are All Made of Stars

Have you ever heard the term “spirit radio“?…you know when a song pops into your head and it just seems like the Universe is speaking to you? This morning when I woke up I had these lyrics (from Moby) in … Continue reading

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Enlightenment. It seems like an idea that much the world may not think about all that often. And if we do consider it, it might seem so huge and far out of reach that it just becomes a cliche, a … Continue reading

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How to Live a Magical Life

What is a “Magical Life”? First let’s get straight about what it isn’t. Living a “Magical Life” does not mean that you never feel pain, get sick, experience hurricanes, accidentally kill your house plants, have a sick puppy, bad restaurant … Continue reading

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How to Transform a Crappy Feeling

Yesterday, over in the Love & Magic Salon I asked my beautiful group, “What nice thing are you planning to do for yourself today?” One of our members replied that she needed to forgive herself for feeling crappy, and then she … Continue reading

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The Number One Reason You Need to Set Boundaries

When a client shows up to a coaching session very happy with the fact that they have finally created a boundary or two I say BRAVO!! Good for you! Excellent work! YES!! Most of the time we set a boundary … Continue reading

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