Bacon & Eggs

This may be the shortest blog post I’ve ever written… but it was born out of a coaching session that had a very powerful result.

The session involved a question about commitment.

My answer was this:

Bacon and Eggs….

The hen was involved. The pig was committed.

The moral: You can’t be 99% committed. If what you want is to be involved…great, go for it! Have fun, love every experience you have, learn from it all, smile, feel, let the experience enrich your life. Involvment and commitment are both options. Just know that if you decide on commitment, you’re all in.

So, now you can answer this question…. If you knew that the _________ (fill in blank—relationship, job, experience, group, etc….whatever it is you are considering committing to) was going to remain EXACTLY as it is today, on a scale of 1 to 10 how willing are you to commit?

Committed? or Involved? Both are valid choices and both are valuable, just completely different.

No shoulds. Your choice.

Love & Magic,


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4 Responses to Bacon & Eggs

  1. Pat says:

    Love this. Clearly makes the point about the difference between being involved and commitment.

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