Best Laid Plans

Are you a planner?  Someone who meticulously plans every detail of every detail?

My son and I often have a discussion about plans.  His take, in a nutshell: “Plans Fail.”

My take: “You HAVE to plan!! How can you get anything done if you don’t PLAN? How can you invite anyone to anything without a PLAN? How can you arrange your schedule without a PLAN?” (and my part goes on and on and on while he resolutely holds to his belief that plans are competely and totally unnecessary and a sure fire way to keep your self in a perpetual state of disappointment because, “plans never work out the way you expect.”

In fact he is so adamant that I don’t even use the word “plan” or any derivative of it anymore while talking to him because he will remain silent and just shake his head.  Which has made me aware of just how often I do use the word.

Recently I got a super huge dose of reality about plans.  Now this is where it gets personal.  For the past three years I’ve been “planning” to move across the country.  I had been creating this plan because for some reason I thought I needed to be somewhere else to have something different.

I did everything in my power to push this plan and make it happen.  It didn’t.  I held on.  push push push.  Nothing.

pull pull pull.  Nothing.

Wait, hope, push, pull, wait….this feels like a struggle.  And that is when the realization hit me.  I’ve been struggling with this “plan” for 3 years.

And that is when I did it.  I stopped.  I stopped pushing…I stopped pulling….I stopped planning.  I decided that maybe I needed to stop resisting what “was” and just let the Universe do the planning.

And in that magical space of nonresistance an amazing thing happened.  The things I thought I had to go elsewhere to find found me.

My son’s wise words to me, “You don’t need to ‘plan’, you just need to be prepared.”

And even though I will still forever be someone who makes “plans”…I’d like to think that I can be open enough  to just be ready for the better thing when it shows up, and not be so busy planning that I miss it.

So, when a monkey wrench gets thrown into your plans…consider what two of my best friends told me recently…

“The best laid plans of mice and men, are oft for naught.”

My wish for you is that you can relax into the magic of nonresistance and see clearly that sometimes it’s just better to be prepared.

Are you ready for something better? 🙂


Love & Magic,




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