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Lessons Learned

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron When I’m attempting to manifest a particular outcome and it just isn’t happening I often question my readiness. I think I want a certain thing, … Continue reading

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You Are Enough

I know something about you…maybe it’s an idea you’ll find hard to accept, or want to argue about. That’s okay. Because I don’t have to look into a crystal ball to know it’s true. In fact, it is Truth with … Continue reading

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How to Sleep Better Tonight

This morning I ran across Monte Farber’s Instagram post on his bedtime ritual for better sleep. (<—a teensy tiny insta-read and totally worth it.) This is pretty much the exact same bedtime ritual that I’ve been using lately, basically a … Continue reading

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When Things Seem Terribly Wrong

This morning I was on a call with a bunch of my beloved colleagues, a group of powerful and wonderful coaches who meet every Friday morning to discuss the world of coaching, but today it was different. Instead of discussing … Continue reading

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Are You Willing to Win the Lottery?

“You can have whatever you want as long as you are willing to have it.” I remember the first time I heard this statement (too long ago to remember which mentor I heard it from, but it made an impact.) … Continue reading

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The Power of Self-Forgiveness

Why am I not seeing results? I hear this question (in one form or another) pretty often. And I’ve been pondering this lately, in a personal way, and in reference to client requests as well. Why is it that sometimes we … Continue reading

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Holding the Vision

Do you have a vision for your future? For your life? For today? All of us have been visionaries at one time or another. Especially during those most hopeful times in our lives – graduation from high school or college, getting … Continue reading

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Choosing Joy

This month I’ve been participating in a 30-day Joy Challenge hosted by my friends Amina Makhdoom and Jeannette Maw. As an Energy Leadership practitioner I’m very familiar with the idea that one of the highest levels of energy is signified by the experience … Continue reading

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Letting It Be Easy

If you’ve ever been my client you’ve probably heard me encourage you to “let it be easy.” For some strange reason most of us think that the harder we work the more successful we’ll be. Actually, it isn’t a strange … Continue reading

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Generosity happens when we stop rushing. When we recognize that there is enough time, there is enough love, there is enough money. Continue reading

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