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Dear Cindie, Thank you for sharing your intuitive wisdom and advice with me. It was truly transformative. I am feeling a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a LONG time. I am entering a new paradigm in how I think, believe and see myself. I know good things are on their way. In fact, I am already seeing them! 🙂 ~ Jennifer W., Washington
“Cindie hasn’t asked for this, and I hope this is okay to post, but I wanted to give a testimonial for her coaching. I’ve been working with her since January, and the shifts in my life have been amazing. I signed up with her to work on relationship, which I initially thought meant romantic relationship only. However, since working with her, all of my relationships have been enhanced in a huge way, all moving into healthier ways of being and interaction. I let one relationship go, I healed another, and the one with myself has been improved in ways I couldn’t have thought possible. She helps in the area of business too, which is also beneficial for me. One hour with Cindie is super-powerful, and I’m always amazed at how much we accomplish in those 60 minutes. She is also incredibly responsive and highly supportive through email between calls. Working with her is one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself, and I highly recommend her.” ~ Juliette Brown (posted on Facebook)
I am a huge raving fan of you Cindie! Working with you felt very nourishing to my soul as you held a space of love and acceptance. I had been struggling with not feeling like I was giving enough and yet feeling completely exhausted from all that I was doing. Now, I believe I am enough and I will achieve what I want! For me, this was about inner work, and the inner work affects everything I try to do for my business, so this was huge!
You foster an energy of love and acceptance and your energy is magical around it. It is so clear to me why you are the “Love and Magic” Coach! Thank you! ~Jamie Goins, Indiana

One of the most gifted coaches I’ve worked with. I felt instantly that I was in good hands with Cindie. She offers firm, clear support couched in genuine love and compassion. I also felt confident that she could expertly manage whatever I brought to the call – whether from my love life, professional arena, or even financial issues. She’s the real deal! ~ Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Blog

I want to again thank you… mahalo nui loa… this too i don’t have adequate words for… so defer to the beautiful Hawaiian olelo- language… to relay the energy,  ‘vibe’  …  you are very special and touched me deeply!!   mahalo nui loa… much Big thanks, and more..   aloha,  ~Li Paone, Hawaii

My experience during and after the VIP Day was amazing… Cindie is a beautiful soul and was absolutely effortless to connect with and open up to!  I gained so much clarity, confidence,  and direction in our time together that my husband even commented on the change! The goals I set and the tools Cindie gave me have helped me make enormous progress in two weeks time and I’m excited to see how things continue to develop!  I highly recommend this to anyone looking to advance themselves in any way! Thanks so much, Cindie! I look forward to working with you again!  ~Tabitha Jester – LMT & Intuitive Coach

Cindie, your voice is magical and I instantly relaxed into the meditation and connected deeply with your words. After I listened to the meditation I felt more open and accepting of love being in my life and loving myself as well. I have felt a deeper sense of love in my life since using this meditation. Thank you!  ~Chiara Irvine, UK

Cindie, I found your Meditation for Attracting Love to be very soothing, calming, beautiful and gently uplifting, it is just what I need right now to bring more love into my life.  I adore the synchronicity of the Universe in sending me just what I need exactly when I need it! I will definitely be checking out your other meditations.    ~Elaine C., Ireland

Your Meditation for Attracting Success was SO powerful, Cindie.  I’m sure you get that all the time! I really felt transported by your guidance, and was really amazed that the feeling of being connected to Divine Mind (love that phrasing) lasted well into the rest of my day. Your work is such a gift! ~ V. Williamson, Education Professional, Louisiana

I scheduled a Love & Magic VIP day because I wanted to raise the ceiling in my personal growth, I felt like I had hit a plateau. I was looking for progress, if I was moving at all, it felt like micro-steps.  It felt so rewarding to work with you – the new ideas, like a breath of fresh air – Really, really, sorting out what I want to accomplish for the rest of my life.  Since our VIP day I am able to see clearly and expand on my goals, I’m able to set up a frameword to accomplish those goals, and I have an improved communication style.  I feel clear and complete.  I would certainly tell anyone that is considering working with you that they absolutely should do it! ~ Sharon Ellis Campbell, RN, Pennsylvania

I was having trouble communicating with my partner in my personal life, as well as clients and employees in my business.  After working with Cindie I am now able to communicate the way I’ve always wanted.  My personal life has more balance, and my business has shown a dramatic upturn.  ~ Glenn Vanderbrugge, CEO, Valley Home Theater, Concord, CA

Cindie coached me to greater effectiveness in communicating with my children, managing my time, and balancing my life among family, work, and my community.  ~Sam C. Dibrell, Counselor, Houston, TX

Cindie Chavez’s skill and insight into marketing and human nature has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. Cindie’s support over the last nine months has allowed me to triple my fees, create a very successful online training program, and grow my ezine subscriber list by 30%.  ~Morgana Rae, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Coach, Founder of Financial Alchemy® Coaching

“I wanted to tell you, right off the bat, how much I enjoyed your audio lectures. First of all, your nature/personality is tailor-made for this field and this medium in particular. Truly, I felt like you were speaking directly to me, standing next to me during the entire workshop. You were absolutely beautiful. I felt your spirit simply through the pace and rhythm of your voice.  I also have to tell you that some of the suggestions you made for the course have extended into other areas of my life.  All in all, I found myself wanting to hear more after each lecture, and even now I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement of your next course!”  ~HS, Researcher, Tel Aviv

“I was fortunate to participate in the tele-class Cindie Chavez offered last November.  I took away a base of knowledge that has inspired and empowered me in my personal growth and in my relationships. I’ve since had several conversations with Cindie and every time I hang up the telephone, amidst all the uncertainty, my thoughts are more clear, I feel grounded and my confidence is reinforced. Cindie possesses an unprecedented ability to listen and then provide personal feedback in an articulate, encouraging and non threatening manner that for me has resulted in intentional thought followed by the courage to take deliberate action. I can not say enough good about her and without a second thought, I highly recommend Cindie as a coach.” ~D.C., Seattle, WA

“Cindie Chavez’s coaching and wisdom has helped guide me through personal growth and development as well as choosing and pursuing a meaningful career…”

A.W.,  Louisiana

“Cindie Chavez is more than an excellent coach, she is a gifted coach.  She has a wonderfully engaging style and I found it very easy to establish rapport and trust with her. She is adept at using coaching skills but she goes even further by bringing in relevant ideas or concepts to illustrate a point or get me to see something in a fresh way. In every coaching session I learn something new about myself and have a new thought or idea to consider and act on.  She has amazing intuition and will often shine a light on something I was completely unaware of.  Her intuition has often been the trigger for much deeper learning and forward action.  She is the perfect combination of thought partner, encourager, challenger and cattle prod!  She knows what I need and adapts to the situation, always moving me forward and focused on my best interest. She has been an amazing coach and partner for me and I would recommend her to anyone, any time without hesitation.”

L.P. , Katy, Texas

“I really appreciate the coaching you have given me over the last few months. My life feels like it’s on track now and I have a clearer picture of what I want. Before I wouldn’t know what I was going to do even just a few months in advance. Now, I have a clear-cut plan for the next year to come and I feel more confident about making future decisions.
I feel empowered with the awareness I have gained of the different energy levels one experiences and that I can make a conscious decision to change that energy level.”

D.Dow, Dallas, TX

“After going through the Energy Leadership Development System, I developed a style of leadership that positively affects my family and the students I teach.  I am able to accurately access the “level” of my family members, my students and myself and then create positive change.  Cindie has the ability to pinpoint and articulate the “levels” with great accuracy, which led me to a clear understanding of Energy Leadership.  When I was stuck, her great insight and examples provided a clear way to the level I desired.  Using the very insightful and comprehensive Energy Leadership Development System, I have become very effective in making positive changes in myself and those around me, which is the mark of a great leader.”

L.P.,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Today’s session was most powerful! When I first came to you I wasn’t reaching my goals, I wasn’t even clear on what they were.
I wanted to reach certain financial goals and make my life run better.
After working with you I feel like I am opening up, I am speaking out for my values, I am setting goals and learning to push through the sticky wicket spots with humor while loving myself in the process. I’m able to self-reference and act on my own guidance system.
You have been so supportive while gently nudging me towards my personal best.
I really do have all I need within me to achieve any goal I set for myself!
Working with you has been a gift and anyone who asked me about working with you I would tell them Absolutely, Positively, She’s the best!”
Thank you again for a wonderful session, I’m feeling so on target and affirmed.
Pat Becker, Santa Monica, CA

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