Destructive Energy

stormThe lowest levels of energy are catabolic.  The term catabolic literally means to “throw down”.  In physiology, catabolism refers to destructive metabolism. It is the breaking down of living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones.  Our bodies produce catabolic hormones, such as adrenaline, and although these hormones are useful in the right situation, we still have to process them once they are created and that process is stressful.

So, catabolic energy is destructive energy. It is stress producing and draining.
The symptoms of catabolic energy levels are things like fear, doubt, hopelessness, whining, complaining, guilt, worry, anxiety, blame, arguments, jealousy,  resentment, frustration, and disappointment, to name a few!
Certainly, we have all felt these things at one time or another.  Would you agree that these low levels of energy are the most predominant levels in the world today?

A lot can be accomplished at these low levels but never without a cost to us physically and emotionally.  As you may know, everything is a struggle at these levels.

The exciting thing is that there is a definite way to be at choice concerning which energy levels we experience. At higher energy levels everything becomes easier.

Because everything is energy, when we shift our energy it is impossible to avoid shifting everything to some degree.
Imagine the power and independence you would feel if you could learn this technique!

Next week we will discuss some of the higher, more anabolic energy levels, and the value of making the shift.

Here’s to making a shift, and letting it be easy,


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