Do You Want More Time?

pocket-watches-436567_640Recently I spoke to a group of entrepreneurial women and the conversation that ensued after my short presentation let me know that it had resonated with them in a deep way.

I had been asked to speak on “Creating a Magical Business”, and so I started with the idea of Magic.

Personally my own definition of Magic is this:

The successful result of any conscious action taken to bring something from the metaphysical realm – (the realm of wishes, dreams, hopes, ideas, plans, brainstorms, etc.) into the material, physical realm (yes, everyday life!) having the hallmark of ease, grace, and an element of surprise and delight.

That’s basically what I want to experience, all the time, if possible.

But here’s the thing that gets in the way, not just for me, but for SO many women (and not just the entrepreneurs either!)


You see, non-resistance is imperative to Magic. And when our lifestyle, our beliefs, and our stories (Oh man, especially our stories) foster resistance in us, then the magic can seem to just disappear (no pun intended!)

So what I did was give these powerful women ONE tip that they could implement immediately to begin creating some non-resistance in their life (resulting in more magical experiences of course!)

I was a little worried that my “powerful tip” would be a big disappointment to this group, because it really does NOT seem all that magical. No faerie dust. No magic wand. No puff of smoke.

Just this: Set yourself some office hours.

I know, NOT all that sexy.

But here is the thing, making specific office hours for yourself is a way of setting a boundary that you, your family, and your clients can honor and in the process you’ll get more time, more respect, more peace, more calm (no more taking calls in the middle of dinner!), more accomplished, and you’ll begin to notice that you will in time experience much less resistance because this one small outer tweak will change your story, and changing your story will alter your inner game.

We often hear that “thoughts become things” – but the truth is that our beliefs become things, or rather our beliefs inform our story and our story creates our experience.  And when our story is that we don’t have enough time (how often do you tell that story?), or that we have to be available 24/7, or that we have to work long into the night, or answer calls during dinner (you get the picture) – we begin to experience a very constricted and confusing kind of life where we have few boundaries and little personal space – and the very real perception that we do not have enough time.

If you work for someone else, you can still set your “home office” and your personal hours –  the time you spend managing your household, paying bills, organizing things, taking phone calls, etc.

The two biggest excuses for not having the life we want are usually a lack of time & money.  Not enough time, not enough money.  So I often tell my clients that I can teach them how to stretch time, stop time, manipulate time.  And that all starts with setting some boundaries around your time.  If you want to take control of your time you have to be willing to start somewhere.

Setting boundaries is an act of love, and it is one way that you can begin to create the life you want, the life you dream of, a life full of love & magic.

The members of the Mastermind group I belong to have been buzzing since this meeting and everyone has been choosing their newly decided office hours. It’s really a fabulous thing to see so much power in action!

And I know that this one small action is going to create some big Magic!  Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you.


Love & Magic,


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