You Are Enough

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I know something about you…maybe it’s an idea you’ll find hard to accept, or want to argue about. That’s okay. Because I don’t have to look into a crystal ball to know it’s true.

In fact, it is Truth with a capital T: You are enough.

A few weeks ago I had a realization – I was finding some results less than satisfactory and I immediately began questioning what I was doing – and hearing a voice in my head saying that I wasn’t doing enough, I should be doing this, trying that, applying a little more of this, and certainly doing a WHOLE lot MORE of THAT. (BIG CLUE: when you’re hearing “shoulds” – wrong thought path! Warning warning!)

And then I stopped myself – and I realized that pretty much any time I’m frustrated at my results and start to think I need to do MORE, be MORE, have MORE of something going on it is a direct symptom of my thinking that I’m not enough.

Now, to be sure, I’m not talking about the intuitive nudge that sometimes says, “Why not try this?” or “That could be a different way to do this!” – and sure enough, we get better results.

I’m talking about the nagging, critical, unfriendly voice that chides us and scolds us that we’re not enough.

How many “not enoughs” can you recognize in your thinking patterns?

Does that inner voice tell you you’re not productive enough, thin enough, curvy enough, smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, serious enough, playful enough, generous enough, educated enough, loving enough, intuitive enough, wealthy enough, frugal enough, spiritual enough, down to earth enough, logical enough?

And when we make those judgments about our self we create a reality that proves us right. We will always create a reality that proves our beliefs, so if we believe that voice every time it tells us we are not enough we will automagically create an unhappy outcome full of punishing events, because judgment and guilt bring punishment, you cannot have the “guilty as charged” judgment without creating some sort of punishing experience down the road.

So, today, I want to suggest recognizing that you are enough. You may not believe it yet, but just decide that you are going to adopt this belief. It doesn’t matter what objections come up. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel true, or if you feel awkward saying it. Just decide to believe it today.

Write it on a post-it and put it on your mirror. Or go a step better and do what I did – I bought a chalk marker from the hobby store and wrote “I AM ENOUGH” on all of my mirrors. It’s such a nice reminder that now every time I use a mirror I smile, and I can tell that my subconscious is beginning to believe it.

And that’s what’s important. There has to be agreement between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. That agreement is often referred to in magic as the alchemical wedding. A marriage of conscious and unconscious beliefs creates super powers.

“I am enough” – This belief alone can destroy the limits you’ve currently placed on yourself.

And don’t worry – believing that you are enough doesn’t mean that you won’t want to make improvements, or make more money, or lose a little weight, or gain a few pounds, or become more educated, more generous, more loving, more spiritual, or whatever it is you’re desiring.

You will still want to do these things. The nature of Nature is that it wants to expand. You’re wired to grow, to flourish, to learn, to discover.

But you won’t be pursuing those things because you’re trying to be “enough”. You’ll be doing it because you recognize that you ARE enough. And that recognition will allow you to achieve your goals with a power you didn’t have access to before.

You are enough. Believe it.

Love & Magic,


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2 Responses to You Are Enough

  1. Linda Brennan says:

    Look at forgiving yourself this way:

    When you look at your child that has done something wrong and they say, “I’m sorry Mommy,” don’t you forgive them immediately? Doesn’t your heart just melt? Mine does.

    That is how you should forgive yourself. That is how God forgives you. You are a wonderful, beautiful person and there is nothing that you can do, nothing that you have done, nothing that you could ever do that will make God not love you. Always, always love yourself and always, always forgive yourself for whatever your do because each and every day you have tried your very best to be the best that you can possibly be.

    Spread the love…. 😉

    • Cindie says:

      Exactly! I love using the example of how we respond to a little child, it’s so true that if we all had this same type of self-love we would experience life in such a different way. Thankyou for your lovely sentiments, Linda. I appreciate you!

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