Environment Trumps Intention

Environment always wins.

Recently I read the above phrase on Max Simon’s blog.
And then a couple of days later I saw a quote that said, “Environment is stronger than will-power.” (which I believe was attributed to
Buckminster Fuller).
Then, I read elsewhere (possibly someone’s facebook profile), “It is impossible to
live a healthy life in an unhealthy environment.”
And lastly, during a conversation with a friend this morning, he used the term “environment” to speak of a less than optimal work situation.

As usual, when I begin to recognize a pattern in what I am hearing I take notice.

So, this week, I have been pondering  about my environment and your environment.
What does the word encompass?  I decided to brainstorm a quick list here:
  • What sounds are in your environment on a daily basis?
  • Do you work or live in a place where you are subjected to loud noises, music, soft music, gossip, strife, conversation, arguments, repetitive noises, laughter, television, endless news broadcasts, violence, chatter, air traffic, the sound of the ocean (I could only wish for more of that one!), etc.
  • What people are in your environment?
  • Are the people in your environment angry (for instance, is your job working in the complaint department or in customer service?), are they loving, friendly, compassionate,supportive, in need of support, stressed out, tense, sad, depressed, talkative, funny, caring, easy-going, healthy?
  • What is the physical aspect of the places you spend most of your time?  Hot, cold, air-conditioned, auto-exhaust, beauty, chemical exposure, comfortable,  florescent lighting, cleanliness, order, clutter, disarray?
The list of  questions I could ask regarding environment seems endless, and just answering a few of these will build awareness to how your environment is supporting you, or not. Remember, in most cases environment trumps intention.  Here is what to do to set yourself up for success:
SET YOUR INTENTION (get as clear as possible about what you want) and -then-
MODIFY YOUR ENVIRONMENT to support that intention.

Here’s to a healthy environment,


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