Forward Progress

Wednesday morning I was in my office getting ready to coach a long time client and I realized that a certain thing I have imagined, dreamed of, planned for, and desired is finally coming to pass.

The thing that made me realize this is a sheet of paper I came across in my office.  The paper was an outline, a business plan of sorts, a representation, a treasure map if you will, of the things I wanted to create in my career.  The paper was dated February 3, 2010.  Almost exactly 2 years ago.

2 years.

Many things in my life have changed in those two years.

Many things remain relatively unchanged.

I think it is those things that remain unchanged that can sometimes give us the impression that we aren’t making forward progress, or at least maybe not as fast as we would like to be moving.

And yet…I stood there looking at this slip of paper and taking account of just how much progress I have made towards my intended goals and dreams.

Many times the basic structure of our life is steady, we eat, we sleep, we wake, we go to work, we come home, we talk to family and friends, we do what we do and then we do it all again tomorrow.

And yet within that structure things change, shift, move, grow.

Two things came to mind for me that I believe made all the difference in bringing these dreams into reality.

  1.  I had to learn how to let go.  One of the most powerful things anyone has ever said to me was “Every big shift comes after a big letting go.”  I believe this to be the absolute truth.  We have to be willing to let go of one thing to be free to allow another thing space to happen.
  2. I had to learn how to say “yes”. We can become empowered enough to say “No!” to what we don’t want, but then we need to go the next step and be willing to say “Yes!” to what we do want, and this may put us in a situation where we have to again be willing to let go. (See step 1 above.)

What do you want to create this year?   In your career?  In your relationships?  In your life?

What are you willing to let go of?

What are you willing to say “Yes” to?

It might seem scary.  Or impossible.  Or crazy.

Let go.  Say yes.  Make it happen.

Trust the Process.

Love & Magic,


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