Grow or Die

It has been said that when we stop growing, we begin
dying.  Hearing that quote recently got me thinking
about growth, all of the stages of growth, and the fact
that in nature, (which we are a part of), growth is the
prime objective.  Always.
A plant will literally grow around a corner if that is what
it needs to do to get sunshine, or water, or whatever it
needs to keep growing.
Gardening can be such a good analogy of growth, and
life in general.
To plant a seed the dirt has to be turned, and that is a
dirty job, there are weeds to be pulled, and “Look! There
are worms in there!” Yep.
The seed gets planted, that tiny seed, way down in the
deep, dark, dirt.  And like life, sometimes there is not
enough light to see very far ahead.
Then the watering, (sometimes our own growth gets
watered by tears).
The seed germinates and begins to sprout, it pushes
against the dirt, fighting to break through and finally
feel the sun.  Have you ever felt like that?  I know I have.
That silent struggle, the one no one else sees, and right
when you feel you can’t really push anymore…..the
breakthrough.  And like the sprout, we see the sun.
Like every other part of nature, our growth is the prime
objective.  And I believe that on a consistent basis we
will attract exactly what we need for our own personal
When you think of the stages of growth mentioned
above, what parallels can you find in your own life?
Are you in the dirt turning, planting, weeding, wormy
stage?  The “in the dark” stage?  Are you close to a
breakthrough?  Have you just begun to see the light at
the end of the tunnel?
How does it feel when you view your current situations
as being opportunities for your growth?
Every single thing we experience can be an
opportunity for our own personal growth, if we choose to
see it from that perspective.
Here’s to optimal growth,
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2 Responses to Grow or Die

  1. Randy Creel says:

    Cindie: I have been thinking a lot about that lately. A lot of situations create anxiety and of course the stress it causes. Before you know it you are caught up in the situation and blocking out all the other areas of your life. I have been trying to take the attitude of just thinking through the situation saying to myself this is a learning experience how can I grow from this.

    It takes practice. But it is well worth the esperience.
    Good post.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading, Randy….and you’re absolutely right, practice, practice, practice! Eventually optimism and a “what is the opportunity here” way of thinking can become our default way of responding, and that opens the way for more good things to come our way. 🙂

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