Happy 2013!


Happy New Year to you!

For the past few days my inbox has been inundated with all manner of how-to-make-2013-the-most-productive-year-ever type of emails.

I understand.  This is the time of year that we often feel super-charged up and ready to make goals and plans.

We begin brainstorming about what we can do to make this year the best year ever.  We break out the new planners and calendars and get out our pens and highlighters and time management apps.

And I’m doing the same thing over here…I’ve got my new planner and my new calendar and I, too, am making plans and thinking about what I would like to create in this brand new year.

I began by looking back and celebrating 2012, taking stock of the wins (large and small) that I experienced, and counting the many blessings that 2012 brought.  Part of my process was to go back and reread all of the blog posts I published last year.

During this perusal of posts I found an idea that I thought was a good reminder to take into 2013, especially right now in the midst of all this “planning”.

It is completely different from all of those other emails arriving in my inbox.  The idea is this, The rest is as important as the work.” 

Often we get so busy planning our “work”, that we forget this important idea.

I want to encourage you to make some plans to have some fun, to be a bit lazy, to sleep in late sometimes, to meditate, to “do nothing”, to spend some time in stillness…all guilt free.

Sometimes I hear people say something like, “I’ve worked really hard on this project, I deserve a vacation.”  Recognize that you don’t have to earn the right to rest.  You are an amazing being  that deserves to be well taken care of, including enough rest, enough fun, and a bit of doing nothing sometimes.

Give yourself permission to let go of the idea that you have to be constantly “doing” something.

There is a saying that “Doing is work, Being is effortless.”  When we allow ourselves the time and space to just “be”, we open up the space for things to happen for us easily.  We move towards non-resistance.

The idea here is that if you allow yourself to just “be”, you will return to the “doing” and be energized, clear, fresh, and ready to create something fabulous.

So that’s my 2 cents for this first week of 2013.  If my inbox is any indication, there are oodles of people out there ready to help you get it all done.  I want to do this too, and I also want to support you in doing a bit of nothing sometimes.  🙂

Happy 2013!  I know you’re going to make it awesome.

Love & Magic,




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2 Responses to Happy 2013!

  1. terri beaucoudray says:

    I love that we do not have to earn our rest. Many think that the lack of unhappiness must mean we are happy. Not so. We could be stuck in neutral not experiencing either. I like your advice about the calendar. If one looks ahead a few months on their calendar and sees nothing on it that makes them happy, it is up to them to schedule things that make them happy. Don’t schedule things that make others happy or things we think “should” make us happy. If you don’t know what makes you happy, dig deep and try something new you think might make you happy. Now go rest!

  2. juliana says:

    Perfect message for the New Era! it is not about slacking off, but about truely living in balance!

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