Healing a Broken Heart

This week I had a fantastic time being interviewed on the “Love Summit”. (and if you haven’t registered yet do it now!!  Lot’s of great content if you are ready to find Love!)

We received a question that I answered on the air and it was such a great question that I thought I’d answer it again here on the blog.

The question: “How do I clear myself from all of the leftover energy from my past relationship?, and how do I know if I am ready for a new relationship?”

Okay, Okay, I know…that is really two questions so…I’ll answer the first part today. 😉

So you want to “clear yourself” of all of that old energy that is still hanging around from that last relationship, eh?

Okay, well first things first.  I’m guessing that you are still feeling that energy because maybe the breakup wasn’t your idea.  That’s okay, something we will all agree on (I hope) is that we don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with us, right?

But that doesn’t mean that the breakup is any less painful.  Honestly, few things are more emotionally painful than hearing someone tell you they don’t want to be with you anymore.  Even when we KNOW that it is the best option, even when we KNOW that it wasn’t working, it can still be very painful.

Let yourself FEEL all of those feelings fully, and then remind yourself that you WILL heal, you WILL feel happiness again, and you DO learn something valuable with each relationship you experience.

All of your feelings are valid.  When our heart is broken our brain and bodies begin to produce the appropriate feelings and emotions: sadness, frustration, pain, anger…heartbreak.

So, a few practical tips to help cure your achy breaky heart, and clear out the energy of that past relationship.


  • STOP stalking his facebook page, rereading text messages from him, listening to “your song”, wearing his old t-shirt, looking at his picture, etc.  Just stop it.  Activities like this will just intensify the energy you are trying to clear out.

  • Start being nice to yourself, to your body. Your body has been there for you through it all, do something extra nice and nourishing for your body.  Eat healthy food, get a massage, give yourself a manicure, buy a new lipstick, take a walk, listen to HAPPY music, try a new hair style, try a new perfume, take a bubble-bath, do some yoga, in short – pamper yourself.  When you take care of yourself you are sending your sub-conscious (and your heart!) a message that you deserve to be well taken care of and pampered.  This creates soothing energy and confidence.

  • Journal.  Buy one of those cheap composition books and write 3 pages (no more, no less), longhand first thing in the morning for the next 2 weeks.  Every day (at least TRY for every day).  Write write write write.  And here is the easy part…it doesn’t matter what you write about.  You don’t even need to read it afterwards if you don’t want to.  Just write.  This is like de-cluttering your brain, a great way to release that confusing type of energy that happens when we have a lot of mental chatter that we haven’t processed.

  • MEDITATE.  20 minutes.  Just sitting in silence and focusing on your breath will create a peaceful, stress relieving, healing energy flow.

  • Find a new hobby or resurrect an old one. (Where did you put those knitting needles?) Channel your creative energy!

  • Get out into nature.  Sit outside with your bare feet in the grass for 30 minutes and listen to the birds.  There is a lot of new research that shows how healing “earthing” is. That is, to physically connect with the earth.  The earth has a healing energy.

  • Clean out your closets.  At least that big one with all the junk in it. <wink>  It is amazing how much energy this will clear.  If you can’t muster up the motivation to clean a closet at least clean out a drawer!!  And by all means get rid of any stuff that belongs to your ex if you still have possession of it!

  • Get out and spend time with friends. Make some new friends. Hang out with some old friends.  Laugh. Smile.  Hug.  All of these things release happy brain chemicals.
Let me know how these tips have helped, and if you have other tips add them in the comment section below!

As for part 2 of that question, “How do I know when I’m ready for a relationship?”, I’ll answer that one next week.  Until then…


Love & Magic,




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