Healing Energy

FioreNaturaLast week we talked about catabolic energy, and how everything is a struggle at those lower, catabolic energy levels.
This week is the other end of the spectrum: anabolic energy.  The term anabolic means to build up.  Anabolic energy is energy that builds and heals. At the top of the energy ladder are the most anabolic energy levels and these produce experiences and emotions such as calmness, confidence, fulfillment, gratitude, caring, success, intuition, joy, fearlessness, passion, ecstasy, playfulness, and the ability to not take things personally.  Unconditional love and genius both resonate at very high levels of energy.
Is it any wonder that things become easier when we are resonating at high levels of consciousness?

One way you can tap into these higher levels of energy is through meditation.  You can use a simple centering exercise or just spend a few minutes being quiet and simply following the flow of your breath.  I often remind my clients that it is possible to take THREE really good, deep breaths in about thirty seconds.

Want to try it? You can find a free guided meditation here.

Research has shown that meditation reduces stress levels and improves over all health, and I have heard it said that twenty minutes of meditation is equal to two whole hours of sleep! Remember: Anytime we reduce stress we are releasing catabolic energy. When we release the catabolic energy, anabolic energy is the product.

Here’s to experiencing less stress, and more joy,


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