Where do I find Peace?

Where to find PeaceThis week my wonderful Sweetheart was involved in a bicycle accident.  Thanks to his helmet (we NEVER ride without them) he avoided a hospital stay (or worse).  The doctor told him he was lucky.  The x-rays say his pelvis is not broken.  I am beyond grateful. We are thankful for friends and family that are quick to offer help, send messages of love and prayers, and are willing to lend crutches (he can’t yet walk without them.) We are certain that he will make a full recovery.  And I am reminded at just how miraculous our bodies are, how fragile life can be, how powerful love is.

My son has raced a bicycle for many years, so I am fully experienced with bike crashes, near misses, road rash, ripped jerseys, and cracked helmets.  And each time a crash occurs, whether the incident involves my son, my Sweetheart, or another fellow cyclist the emotions all show up en masse…fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, excitement, gratitude, relief, wonder…love…and then, peace.  Finally peace.

Somehow, peace arrives.  This week I began to think about that…how do we come to the place of peace? Where do we find it? And how can we facilitate finding peace in times of confusion, emotional turmoil, unrest, fear?

Chances are you didn’t have a bike wreck in your family this week, and hopefully not any other type of wreck.  And yet there are so many opportunities to feel a lack of peace.  From general bad news to a difficult conversation  to an unwanted medical diagnosis…the list goes on and on.  Life happens, and sometimes it just feels crappy and downright unpeaceful.

Sometimes it’s a struggle.  Sometimes our afternoon was just going along swimmingly and we get blindsided by a big dog running in front of our bike while we are going 23 mph.

So when does peace come, and where do we find it?

Peace comes when we realize that although all hell might be breaking loose around us, peace comes from within us.

Peace comes from that inner knowing that somehow “everything will be okay”, from knowing that the Universe is always supporting us,  from understanding that every experience I have is for my highest good.  And we CAN have a hand in facilitating it, here are 10 tips to help:

1. Breathe deep..it sounds simple, but anxiety and fear are characterized by holding our breath and shallow breathing.  Take a few deep breaths consciously.

2.  Develop a meditative practice.  When meditation becomes a habit, it is much easier to tap into that place of peace quickly when something difficult occurs.

3.  Learn to express what it is you are feeling.  I felt anger at the dog that ran in front of my Sweetheart’s bike.  I felt angry at the dog’s owner who would let him run loose.  I did not allow myself  to have an inappropriate display of anger,  I just expressed it. I said, “I feel angry about that dog running loose in the street.”  Acknowledge what you are feeling.  Once you can feel it fully and acknowledge that feeling’s presence it will begin to fade.

4. Recognize that whatever you are experiencing is exactly what you need to grow, even if you don’t understand it right now.

5. Choose to believe that The Universe (God/Goddess, Source, the Light, or however you relate to a higher power) is ALWAYS supporting you.

6. Find something in the situation to be grateful for, and express it.  “I am so grateful that you were wearing a helmet.”

7. Remember that you have been through tough times before and you are ok.  Right now, if you are reading this, you are ok.  Everything is going to be alright. 🙂

8. Pray, meditate, sit in stillness, listen to gentle music, take a bubble bath…whatever healthy outward action you can take that you associate with peace – do it.  And while you are at it, put it on your calendar and make it a habit.

9. Reach out to someone for support.   Reach out to friends and family that have a positive outlook.  Surround yourself with people who radiate peace, joy and positivity.   Get (and give) a hug.

10. Learn to bring yourself into the present moment.  Worry, fear, anxiety are all attached to the past or the future.  When we can learn to bring our self into present moment awareness we will readily find peace within.

And, in my experience, peace is all wrapped up with Love.  The love we have for others, the love we have for our self.  And love is a verb, not just a concept.  Show yourself some love, let someone know how much you care about them.  Peace will follow.

You can find peace, it is there within you.  I wish you a peaceful summer!

Love & Magic,







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6 Responses to Where do I find Peace?

  1. Shana says:

    That is scary! And it is so easy (and human) to get angry at the dog, and angry at the dog owner, and angry at life for letting it happen. But, I agree that everything does happen for a reason, even if we never consciously know what that reason is. Your tips are great, and learning to be able to have the presence of mind to access those skills & practices in times of stress is invaluable. I have been working with “trust” a lot lately, and know that remembering to trust is also a path to peace. Best to you and your sweetheart during his recovery!

    • Cindie says:

      Thank you, Shana. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share these tips! I’m glad that you mentioned trust being a path to peace as well. I wish you much peace and success on your journey 🙂 xo

  2. Cassandra says:

    Thank you for these beautiful and simple steps to invite peace in, and all the best to your sweetie and his healing.

  3. Erin says:

    Hey Cindie!!
    So I just had to tell you this: I am in the midst of trying to complete a paper tonight. I have a 10:59 p.m. deadline and it is 9:57. I have no time to spare. Except, as I finished a section, I decided to just go to your site–here is Peace! So I stop, breathe, read, close my eyes, then type this to you in a much calmer space. Your site is becoming part of my ‘tool box’ of practice toward living a connected life.
    Best wishes to your sweetheart on a strong recovery.
    Much love to you!!

    • Cindie says:

      Awww Erin, this comment made my day!! Thank you so much. I am honored that my website has made it into your toolbox!! Woohoo! Sending you best wishes for your project. 🙂 xo

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