How Do I Keep Her Interested?

How do I keep my wife interested?  What a great question!

First let me say that I was thrilled to get that question and want the women who are my readers to really hear this…the men want to know how to keep you interested!

So, immediately I knew how I would respond…and then just for fun, I decided to Google the question. I figured that there were a bunch of other people who would be saying the same thing I was thinking. I was wrong. And now I know what it feels like. JK.

The first three Google responses were from huge men’s sites (which will remain anonymous, but whose actual names are AskMen, etc). I will say that the answers left me speechless. The top answer likened a relationship to someone being in a casino and feeding money into a slot machine without getting anything back. The person would have a lot invested, the article claimed, and wouldn’t easily walk away. So the idea here was to just let your woman give and give and give, without you giving much back in return. That way, the article said, she’d have too much invested to easily leave you. WOW!!

No, No, No!! Guys, this is NOT how to keep her interested!! Keeping her interested requires you to show that you are interested in her. Then she will want to reciprocate. Take the initiative to ask her about what is going on in her life, and then really listen to her answer with genuine interest.

My guess is that in the beginning of your relationship you were truly interested in her and it showed. So she became interested in you also. Your woman wants to feel that she is special to you, and when we think people are special we show it by being interested. Show her you are interested and she’ll reward you by being interested in you.

Love & Magic,


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