How Do I Know if He (or She) is “The One”?

This is a questions that comes in more than any other question I get from my readers…”How do I know if he (or she) is “The One”?

First, I want to get clear on the whole concept of “The One”…let’s not make the assumption that on the entire planet there is only one person that could possibly be a fit for you.

But hey, I get what you’re asking, you want to know if the guy or gal you are with (or potentially with) is right for you.  You want to create a healthy, solid, powerful, mutually beneficial, loving, happily-ever-after, kind of relationship.  And you want to know if this type of relationship is possible with this particular person, right?

Well, there’s actually a pretty easy way to tell. There are 7 ingredients to great chemistry, and you have to have them all (and if you haven’t heard my Love Chemistry Kit audio class…you can get it here, it’s free!) in order to have that type of special relationship.

But here in today’s blog I’m going to talk about just one of those ingredients, and that one is Authenticity.

Authenticity just might be the single most important factor, not just for your intimate relationships, for ALL of your relationships, and for every single area of your life.  Knowing your life purpose requires you to show up authentically. The ability to be happy in every area of your life requires you to be comfortable in your own skin!

So often people begin a relationship wearing a mask right from the beginning.  Have you ever done this? Sometimes we have such a desire to be what the other person wants (or what we think the other person wants) that it’s easy to start second guessing everything we do and begin behaving in ways that are not true to who we are.  It’s like putting on a mask.

The problem with wearing the proverbial mask is that one day the mask will slip off, and the real you will show up. If the person you’ve been wearing the mask for has fallen in love with the mask they may not like what they see when the real you shows up.

If you want to build something real with someone, you have to be real.  And if the guy or girl you’re interested in isn’t interested in the real you, move on.  You’ll both be better off down the road.

I’d love to hear your comments about this topic and any experiences you’ve had with this type of scenario.

Here’s to being authentic!

Love & Magic,




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  1. Kim Girard says:

    I thorougly enjoy your video blogs. So great to see you’ve come so far with coaching since Mod IV!

    Much love,

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