How Flexible Are You?

For the past few weeks here on the blog we’ve been having a discussion about being open to receive what you really want.

And, this week I’ve had an influx of activity in my business and in my life… new clients, new opportunities, new experiences….which has made for a busy and very exciting week!

However, along with all of that activity comes scheduling issues and technological glitches…the telephone lines haven’t always been cooperative when dealing with international calls, etc.

So, last night I found myself thanking someone for being flexible, and that got me thinking about the week and how the willingness to be flexible played into all of this abundance pouring into my life.

You see, I’m the coach that is consistently helping my clients to get super clear on what they want, and to be VERY specific in their requests, whether they are making a request of another person, or God, or the Universe!

But that clarity does NOT mean being rigid!  Being inflexible and rigid is a surefire way to close the door on opportunity.

So even though I do urge you to get clear on what you want, I also strongly suggest that you remain open, flexible, and curious.  Your willingness to be flexible may be the key to getting what you want, or something even better than what you originally intended.

The Universe is ready to bless you, being flexible will allow you to remain open to receiving all of the goodness coming your way.

If you are open (or ready to get open!) to receiving what you want, be sure to schedule a free 20 minute “I’m ready to receive” strategy session with me (via telephone or skype).  This is the first step towards working with me privately.  But be quick…I only open a few slots a week and they go fast!

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  1. Morgana Rae says:

    Great post, Cindie, and glad to hear about the abundance coming in!

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