How to Live a Magical Life


What is a “Magical Life”?

First let’s get straight about what it isn’t. Living a “Magical Life” does not mean that you never feel pain, get sick, experience hurricanes, accidentally kill your house plants, have a sick puppy, bad restaurant service, marital spats, the common cold, or see your computer crashing.

What it does mean is that along with all of the “ordinary” crap that goes on in this life, magical people worry a lot less, and experience miracles a lot more.

And while you are worrying less and miracling more, the ordinary crap doesn’t get you down quite as much. When things are not getting you down, you can rise to the top. Or at least “feel” like you’re on top. On top of things. And I think you’ll agree with me that feeling “on top of the world” is preferred to feeling “down in the dumps.”

So how does one become a Magical person? How does one come to live a “Magical Life”?

A big part of it is the choosing. I did not set out to be a Magician. But I did set out to find the “truth”. I did set out to choose my life (eventually).

At some point I was tired of being “down”, I was tired of unhealthy relationships, of poverty mentality, of worrying about everything, of faking it. I was tired of wishing and hoping that things were different.

And I knew there was more and better than what I was experiencing in my life.

I also, somehow, discovered that more and better were NOT going to fall out of the sky into my lap, but that it could be mine for the taking, if I knew where to look. If I had the key.

Or maybe I’d need lots of keys. Like somehow I needed to find a big ol’ jailer’s key ring to let me out of my own personal prison.

But, once I found one key they all seemed to just keep showing up. Here a key, there a key, everywhere a key key. (In the middle of all my discovering I also discovered that my surname actually translates to ‘keymaker’. ha!)

So, today I want to give you a couple of keys that you will want if you are determined to live a Magical Life.

First up – The Key of Universal Support. The absolute first key that opens the first door is the Key of Universal Support. This is something also known as Pronoia, which is the opposite of paranoia. Paranoia sounds like “everyone is out to get me” and Pronoia says “the Universe is always supporting me.” Once you truly believe that The Universe is Always Supporting You, you will not look at anything the same way. And remember, when you change the way you look at things, things change. Without getting into a deeply scientific discourse on quantum mechanics, Schrodinger’s Cat, and single photon interference, let’s just agree that reality (actual physical reality) changes up when we observe it. And how we observe things changes with our perspective of whether or not the Universe is supporting us.

Second up – The Key of Best. I really want you to remember this one. Because it also has the power to dramatically change your life for the better. The Key of Best is this belief: Everyone (including you) is doing the Best they can at any given time. Everyone. The Best. Everytime. So those things you are pissed off at him (or her, or them) about? They were doing their best. That thing you did that you regret?- at that moment, it was your best, if you could have made a better choice you would have. The End.

And what that means is that you can forgive. Yourself, and them. Go ahead. Forgiveness opens the door to abundance. Resentment and unforgiveness nail that door shut.

These first two keys are just the beginning. My life is magical and I want yours to be, too.

Love & Magic,




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featured image: Old Keys by Suat Eman

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6 Responses to How to Live a Magical Life

  1. Erin says:

    Hey Cindie! I love your key-and-door metaphor. I am finding once again that the only way out is through. Thank you for the encouragement to realize that the keys are available, I just have to be willing to seek them out. You are doing great work!!
    Love, Erin

    • Cindie says:

      Thank you, Erin! I’m so happy to know that these ideas resonate with you today. 🙂 Much love! xoxo

  2. “The Universe is always supporting me.” I love this idea and would benefit from adopting this mentality more, thanks for reminding me of something I’d sorta forgotten.

    • Cindie says:

      Hi Melissa, You’re welcome 😉 I’m so glad this post resonated with you. One step at a time! You are right where you are supposed to be! xo

  3. Cindie, I love these keys. I’m seeing quite a few references to Pronoia right now, too, so I’m going to take it as a conspiracy on the Universe’s part to remind myself that, no, really: everything IS conspiring to support me!

    (Is it actually true? Who knows? But I do know that I’ll enjoy my life more and be able to respond and act in a more constructive way if I choose to believe it is 🙂 )



    • Cindie says:

      Hi Tanja – I’m smiling over here that my mention of pronoia was involved in your synchronicity (magic!), especially since the title of the post has to do with magical living. 😀 AWESOME sauce. If it’s “true” for you, then it’s “true”. 🙂 xoxo

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