How to Transform a Crappy Feeling

yuki_the_wonderpuppyYesterday, over in the Love & Magic Salon I asked my beautiful group, “What nice thing are you planning to do for yourself today?”

One of our members replied that she needed to forgive herself for feeling crappy, and then she added “Sorry to be such a downer.”

The truth is we all have days when we “feel crappy”…and NO forgiveness is necessary.

You might wonder WHY no forgiveness is necessary…it’s because your feelings are a miracle! ALL of them, even the ones that fall into the “crap” category. And let’s face it, we’ve ALL had those days.

But here is the deal – your feelings are your higher self’s way of speaking to you, they are your body’s way of speaking to you, they are your soul’s way of speaking to you, your heart’s way. Which is why I refer to your feelings as “the voice of love”.

You don’t need to “forgive yourself” for your feelings. You just need to honor yourself, and honor your feelings.

Our feelings are a direct result of our needs being met or unmet. When our needs are met we feel great! When our needs go unmet we feel, well – not so great. (Crappy).

So here is what I suggest Dear One if you’re feeling crappy:

1. Get quiet. Find a space/time where you can be still, quiet, and comfortable. Give yourself some time (at least half an hour). Give yourself some comfort, a cup of tea, a nice blankie, a cuddly puppy (my cuddly pup, Yuki, is featured in the photo – she is perfect for this so if you have one just like her go ahead and grab that pup). Now, just get comfortable.

2. Close your eyes and spend some time relaxing. Start at your head, relax your face, your neck, your shoulders, your back, etc. Work this relaxation process all the way down to your toes. Soft meditative music might be helpful.

3. Acknowledge how you are feeling and ask your inner self what is it she needs, without judgment. “I notice that you are feeling pretty crappy today. What do you need to feel better?”  It may be something much easier than you think.

4. Listen. Cry if you need to.  Give yourself permission to feel all of your feelings. Listen some more. 🙂

5. Act. Sometimes just the listening process is enough, because a lot of times our inner self is trying to get our attention but we just have a hard time slowing down enough to listen. If you get an answer that you can take action on, do it. Sometimes we just need some quiet time, other times we need to do something fun, or maybe your inner/higher/wiser self is bringing your attention to something you’ve been avoiding.  Reach out to a coach,counselor, or friend if you need support. We are wired for connection and community, and we ALL need
support sometimes.

Trust yourself, trust the process, and always honor your feelings and emotions.

Your feelings are a miracle – ALL of them.

Love & Magic,




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  1. Love this, Cindie! There has been such a push lately to get rid of all negative emotions but I agree with you. They are to be honored. They serve a purpose. It’s good to feel them, learn from them and then move on.

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