Is it Better to Give?

One of my Facebook friends asked a question in their status, “Is it better to give or to receive?”  Pretty straight forward and simple.

Out of half dozen or so replies mine stood out as different.  I said, “Two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other.”

Every single other reply said “Give.”  One of the replies was very open and honest, it said “For me, it is better to give, I am very uncomfortable receiving.”

I appreciate that soul’s honesty.  And it triggered a train of thought in me, since I deal with this constantly in coaching sessions.  So often people tell me they want a certain thing, and yet they do not seem to realize that they are pushing that very thing away by not being willing and open to receive it.

“It is better to give than to receive” is a maxim that most of us grew up hearing.  And yes, it is wonderful to give openly without expectation, certainly.  AND it is equally wonderful to receive. One cannot exist without the other.  For someone to give there must be someone to receive.

So often we ask (God, The Universe, People) for abundance, and then the next time someone offers to pick up the tab at lunch we refuse…”No, no, you don’t have to do that!”  (The better answer…”Thank you!”)

We want to feel attractive and yet the next compliment someone pays to us we shrug off…”Oh this old thing? It’s been hanging in my closet for years.”  (The better answer…”Thank you!”)

We want to experience love and yet when someone offers to show us kindness by helping us in some small way we refrain…”Oh no, it’s okay, I’ve got it.”  (The better answer…”Yes, Thank You!”)

We may want more magic in our life and yet some magical synchronicity happens and we pass it off as being coincidence.  (The better response…look upward, or within, and say “Thank You!”)

If it is true that it is more blessed to give than to receive, aren’t we stealing another’s blessing when we are unwilling to receive their giving?

We are in the midst of gift giving season.  Here is your chance to practice being a great receiver!  Pay attention, the next time someone offers to pick up the tab, offers to help you, offers a compliment.  Show the Universe that you are ready, willing, and able to receive.  Say “Thank You!” and enjoy your blessing.  You are still free to give as much and as often as you like!  In fact, recognizing all of the blessings coming your way by receiving openly and expressing gratitude will possibly fuel your desire to give even more.

And if you’d like to begin practicing now…here is a gift for you.  Through the end of 2012, use the code THANKYOU and purchase the Peaceful Power Process™  or the 7-Figure Relationship Package for half off the regular price!

AND…one lucky purchaser in December will get 4 coaching sessions with me in January for FREE.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season full of blessings that you are open to receive. 🙂  And of course I wish you…

Love & Magic,



P.S. Our coaching package winner for November was Janet Marquardt.  Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“I won a month of coaching with Cindie Chavez and am so glad I did!  Cindie gave me specific tools for understanding my romantic partner better and communicating my own needs.  Our relationship dynamic has shifted and I find myself more calm and experiencing a deeper connection with him as a result.”


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  1. Thank you, Cindie!
    I just wanted to say, how much I love your posts!
    Happy Holidays

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