Is ‘True Love’ Real, or just a Fairy Tale?

Fairy Tale

“We all want a fairy tale, but it never turns out that way does it? Because people are not perfect…,”  she said.

I listened as my client wondered aloud to me.  I was reminded of a question from a reader that echoed a similar thought,

“Does ‘true love’ really exist, or is it just a fairy tale?”

Ah, the “fairy tale romance”.  The one we all want.  That perfect, shiny, sparkly, romantic relationship where the birds are chirping and the bees are singing and the flowers are blooming and the poisoned appl- WAIT! WHAT?  What poisoned apple?

OH THAAAT poisoned apple.  Yes, the one in the, uh, fairy tale, ahem.  Along with the wicked witches, evil step sisters, malevolent queens, scary talking trees, flying monkeys and all manner of frightening villains and dangerous, fire-breathing circumstances.

Those are the little details we seem to be forgetting when we fantasize about wishing our own lives and loves were more like a fairy tale.  Within the confines of our imagination, within the covers of an enchanted book, it seems easier to remember and focus on the sparkly shiny deliciousness of dancing at midnight at the fairy ball and being swept off our feet by Prince Perfect.  How easily we forget the poisoned apples.

And yet, people aren’t perfect, they’re real.  And real relationships aren’t perfect, they’re real.  But they are, or they can be shiny, sparkly, and romantic.

Your Prince, (or Princess) won’t be perfect, but can be perfect for you.  And even though one of the magical parts of the fairy tale is often the idea of being rescued by said Prince Perfect,  you really only need rescuing if you are a victim.  And I know you don’t want to be a victim, right? Right?

So how can we have the sparkly, shiny, dreamy romantic part?  When will it show up for us?

When we are willing to see each other and our selves through the magic mirror, the one that reflects our own shortcomings and flaws and without judgment accepts and supports us in bettering them…

When we decide to create strong boundaries and stop accepting poisoned apples…

When we learn how to love our self first…

When we can realize that there will be some scary villains and flying monkeys along the way, and decide that we will focus on the good, the shiny, the eternal…

When we recognize that we don’t need rescuing…

When we choose to make decisions based on love, instead of fear

When we enjoy each moment and experience each other fully in that moment, knowing that the power of love exists right now, in this present moment…

Then we will recognize that true love is real, and not a fairy tale and that we can live happily ever after, right now.

And yes, it is magical, sparkly, and shiny.

Love & Magic,



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2 Responses to Is ‘True Love’ Real, or just a Fairy Tale?

  1. Sarah says:

    Lovely….my sweetie is far from perfect – but then so am I. And I think of your words, and I know that yes, he probably is perfect…for me. Thank you x

    • Cindie says:

      Thank you for reading, Sarah, and I appreciate your comments so much – AND how wonderful that you have found your perfect match!! xo

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