Just like Magic!

writing down goals

Today I want to give you a tip that will help you create something that you want. Anything, actually.

When I say create, I imagine you will immediately begin to think about what it is that you want to create (of course!) and that may be a new relationship, a novel, a painting, a better body, a healthier lifestyle, a deeper connection with your loved ones, a screenplay, more fun, a simpler life, more abundance, a new business, a log cabin, a song…you get the picture.

I have no idea WHAT you want to create…but whatever it is, I want to help you do it, or at least begin it, in a very practical way. Let me start by explaining a concept that might be a new idea to you.

This concept is a little like what we imagine when we think of the word “magic”…a magician waves his magic wand, says “Abracadabra” and *poof*… something real appears out of thin air! Where there was once nothing, there is now something! Something real, something we can see, touch, experience.

When we get an idea, when we have a brainstorm (alone or with others), we often experience a feeling of near euphoria as we think, dream, and talk about it. As the seed of that idea grows the feeling of excitement grows also. The spark of creativity often gets fanned into a roaring fire as we elaborate on it, adding new directions and components, and as those delicious desirable aspects get added to our original idea the excitement grows.

It feels wonderful. We feel like we could fly. We feel as light as air. That is because this whole process of thinking, dreaming, talking about what it is we want to create lives in the realm of the metaphysical. At this point it is pure energy—pure thought.

Light, vibrant, glowing, exciting energy.

That is the dreaming part. And then, there is the doing part. (Because we all want to be “doers” and not just dreamers, right?)

Here is where my big tip comes in. It requires paper and ink, and time. That’s it.

Write those ideas down—those dreams, those wishes, those desires. Write them down.

Just by doing this one act, you have started the process of bringing your thought out of the realm of the metaphysical and into the realm of the physical, where it has weight.

I realize that paper and ink don’t really weigh all that much, but most seeds don’t. This is the beginning, the seed, the starting point.

This is where your creation, whatever it is, starts to become REAL.

This small act of beginning can be the way you show your commitment to the creation. You are either interested in creating this, or you are committed. We often make excuses for things we are just interested in, but when we are committed we find a way to make it happen.

What are you committed to creating this year? Get out the paper and ink, and WRITE IT DOWN. 🙂

Remember the famous and wonderful quote from Goethe: “At the moment I fully commit, the Universe conspires to assist me.”

This year, make a commitment to creating that thing you want to create. Write it down as a way to show your commitment, and recognize that when you do this the entire Universe will support you in your creating process.

Love & Magic,


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