Just Say No


Just Say “No”.

Okay, well maybe it isn’t as simple as that. 🙂

I do want you to say “Yes“.  And, “No”.

First and foremost I want you to say “Yes”, to the Universe.

Say YES to Love, to Magic, to Beauty, to Comfort, Health, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Balance, Touch, Hugs, Laughter, and any other thing that edifies you, heals you, shores you up when you’re feeling lost, lifts you up when you’re feeling down, supports you when you’re slipping, and strengthens you when you’re weak.

And this may require a bit of learning how to just say, “No”.

When we have the courage to say “No” to what we don’t want, we open the space for the thing we do want to come in.

I’ll give you a really practical example of this.  Last week we began our first week of The Love & Magic Salon.   The Salon is a 5-week group coaching/teaching/learning experience.  We meet via telephone at noon Pacific time.

When I put the group together, I consciously made the decision to have the live group calls in the middle of the day.  I did this fully realizing that there would be people who wanted to join but wouldn’t be able to attend the live calls.  In fact, (or so my inner nagging fearful gremlin voice kept reminding me) it was possible that the majority of people would not be able to attend the live calls.  This made it a little more difficult to make that decision. So,  I decided to record the calls and design the program so that people who couldn’t attend live could get value out of the program too.

I realized at the time, that I could easily create the program to take place in the evening.  And I chose not to do it.  I said, “No”.  Because the life that I am creating and maintaining and living doesn’t include being in my office in the evening.  Yes, I have that voice in my head that says “Wow think of all the people who won’t join in the program now!”  AND I still said, “No” to holding the classes in the evening.  Because I know that in order to say, “Yes” to what I do want I need to say, “No” to what I don’t want.

One of my favorite ideas is that “every big shift comes after a big letting go”.  I let go of the nagging idea that most people can’t attend something in the middle of the day.  That’s okay, it’s a small class, and I don’t need MOST of the people.  I let go of the idea that I “had to” make the live calls available to people in the evening.  The people who are a great fit for this Salon will come to the live calls during the day, and/or listen to the recorded calls at a time that suits them, and it will be perfect for them.

This was an opportunity to allow the Universe to support me.  I made a very clear intention of what I wanted, I designed the entire program to be a great value for everyone involved, and I walked it out by saying “No” to what I didn’t want, and saying “Yes” to what I do.  In doing this I am modeling for my clients and students how to be open, set boundaries, trust the process, be conscious about choices and to allow the Universe to support them.

I believe that the Universe is ALWAYS supporting me, and this is how I show that trust and that belief.  My way of “walking it out.”

I want you to say Yes.  And it might require you to say, No.  Be brave, be kind, be loving…trust the process.

Love & Magic,






Image courtesy of Jeroen Van Oostrom / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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3 Responses to Just Say No

  1. terri beaucoudray says:

    Excellent article. I am giving the universe a chance to support me by making a huge move with little of my own support. It is the only door that has opened that would be a good fit. I am trusting that the universe has opened this door and will bring much abundance to my life through it. Keep you posted.

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