Letting Go


Letting Go

We’ve all heard that advice before, “Just let it go, Honey. Let it go.”, and in fact letting go can be a very powerful choice. AND, sometimes, it is a lot easier said than done.

Recently I was speaking with someone who told me about a recent situation that they had “let go” of, but as they recounted the incident, I noticed they were clenching their teeth.

The first sign that tells us we haven’t really let go yet is that there is still an emotional charge when speaking of the incident or situation (or even thinking about it.)

Ever try to let go of a child who is holding on to you for dear life?

Nearly impossible. That is what it feels like sometimes to let go of a troublesome event or situation. We want to, but the grip it has us in feels like a stranglehold.

So, here are a few tips to help you let go, even when the situation or event seems to want to hold on to you.

  1. Yes, this will sound cliché…. Breathe. In 30 seconds you can take 3 really deep breathes. Spend 5 seconds for each inhale, and 5 seconds for each exhale. See how you had to let go of the old breath in order to make room for a new breath? Once you let go of the event or situation you’ll automatically make more room for something better.

  2. Bring yourself into the present moment. Be aware of your surroundings and the things that you appreciate right this moment (the deep breaths above will help accomplish this.) Then appreciate them a little, tiny, bit more. This will help you become open, and more able to let go.

  3. Find a purpose in the event or situation that serves you. Often we hear people say that there is a reason for everything. I do not believe that. I do believe that everything can have a purpose. When my son’s best friend died after falling down a flight of stairs there was no good reason for it. None. Then, his family donated his organs to someone else’s child, and gave that child the gift of life. They found purpose. They created purpose. You can too.

How would it change your perception to realize that this event or situation could actually support, enhance, and further your life’s purpose in some way?

Here’s to letting go, and making space for new possibilities!

Love & Magic,


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