Letting it Be Easy

Recently I had a conversation that included the words “hard work”.  My client related to me that a certain situation “was hard work, but worth it.”

Now, to be fair, I think we all can relate to that statement.  Certainly, we have all been involved in some kind of “hard work” at one time or another and then have been elated, or maybe relieved, to see the “pay off”.

Maybe it was an exercise program, or a big corporate project, or just cleaning out a closet.  It always feels great to accomplish a task, large or small, and then reap the rewards.

However, the whole conversation got me thinking about the limiting belief, or assumption, that hard work is necessary to enjoy a reward.

This belief system is very prevalent.  Many of us were brought up with a message that told us we had to “work hard” in school, so we could get into a good college, and of course once college came around we then had to “work hard” to get a good job. Once we landed that good job then we needed to “work hard” to get that big promotion.

Surely, you see where I am going with this.  There really never is an end to this cycle because it is the belief that perpetuates the cycle.

Is this a belief that you have been taught most of your life?  Is it a belief you buy into?

There is a concept in nature that is known as the path of least resistance.

In physics, the path of least resistance is always taken by objects moving through a system. Water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it is pulled downward by gravity.

Electricity  flowing through a circuit behaves similarly. Storms and weather patterns flow toward zones of low barometric pressure, where lower air density offers less resistance to the storm system than higher pressure zones.

One of the most important steps we can take to create ease and flow in our lives is to be authentic.

When we allow ourselves to BE who we really are we embody much less resistance.

Look around at the rest of nature, observe a bird, or a tree, or your dog.  None of them are trying to be anything but what they are, they are authentic all the time, and they seem to breeze through life with purpose.

When we allow ourselves to be authentic, when we let go of the concept that things have to be “hard work” to be successful, we can begin to enter a place where things get easier, and everything begins to flow with ease.

After all, doing is work, being is effortless.

Love & Magic,


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