Love is a Verb


“How do I love thee, let me count the ways.” Wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her famous sonnet.

And yet we often speak of love as if it were a “thing” we desire.

We proclaim our love to others as if it were solely a mental activity, such as respect or admiration. “I love you.” However, love requires action.

Love is a verb. And I want to suggest that today we begin to bring that into our awareness by asking “How?” By pondering ways in which to show our love for others, for our significant others and for ourselves.

How do I love? How would I like to be loved? What can I do today to express my love to others, to myself, to the world?

Valentines Day can be a real struggle for us when we don’t have one. A Valentine, that is.

A day that celebrates Romance can feel a bit like the whole world is conspiring to remind you of how little romance you are experiencing.  I once heard some single friends refer to Valentine’s Day as Valloween!!

A holiday that is virtually defined by hearts and flowers, is not a whole lot of fun when there are no heart and flowers coming your way.

And yet, Valentine’s Day is a reminder to love. Love yourself. Love others. Love fully and with your whole heart, take action.

Love & Magic,







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2 Responses to Love is a Verb

  1. rich says:

    Cindie, as a single man this day is a reminder of love not only for the significant other in your life but in life itself. Love this day and every day no matter what.WHY? Because tomorro may never come. Happy Valentines and Merry Christmas to you.A present for the present.

  2. I talk a lot about unconditional love because of the Japanese styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho I teach. Universal unconditional love requires nothing in return. You may like a person’s actions, or his or her physical appearance, but that can easily turn to dislike. Loving who is a person is within (spirit/soul/light being) is something that goes beyond the physical; when two people love each other for who they truly are there is a peaceful joy between them that you cannot purchase any where.

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