Love & Magic

Each January I decide what my “theme” for that year will be. I usually make that decision based on what is currently happening in my life, and which direction I want my life to go. (My theme for 2010 was Authenticity & Expansion, and I focused on creating an authentic vision and expanding that vision to include my business and all other areas of my life.)

This year is no exception (although I do expect it to be exceptional!).  I chose my theme based on my current life and its direction.

My theme for 2011 is “Love & Magic.”

We are a few weeks into the new year I can already see that theme taking shape as my intentions and actions align with my theme.

This week I had a phone call from a long lost friend—someone who will always be near and dear to my heart. Somehow life had gotten in the way, and we had not spoken in a very long time. One morning, I woke from a dream. In the dream, I was with my friend, and I told her that I missed her and loved her and wondered how we had gotten so far apart from each other. That night she called me. She had experienced a magical synchronicity that same morning. She interpreted it as a sign that she needed to call me. We talked for an hour, and of course it felt like we had never missed a beat. Love and Magic.

Those of you who work with me personally or have been reading my blog since the beginning (2009) know that my focus has been on personal growth, authenticity, self discovery and empowerment. These concepts will always be a huge part of my offering, because they are authentic to who I am, not just what I do.

As I have grown my business (and myself!) I continue to see a pattern taking place over and over. More and more clients show up to coach with me around relationships, and they are often ambivalent relationships. As I’ve watched this trend I’ve realized that my gifts are being used more and more in this area.

So, this realization has led me to begin developing more offerings that tend to this need. Some of you were involved in a teleclass workshop I taught in November called the Relationship Rescue Blueprint. Considering the reviews of that workshop, and many requests for more, I will be taking a directive to focus my offerings on helping others identify and create the relationships they long for. The Universe has been pretty clear in pointing out to me that this is where my gifts are really shining right now, so I am going to listen up and act on that.

I am excited to be moving in this direction and eager to create offerings that will enhance your relationships. Do you want to find a relationship that feels magical and authentic? Do you want to create a more loving and easy connection in your current relationship? Are you questioning whether the relationship you are currently in is “the one”?

I would love you to email me at and let me know all of the things you want most in your significant relationships. Be sure to include any and all relationship issues that you would like me to address here on the blog. This will also help me develop workshops and classes that will serve you in this area.

Love & Magic,


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