Making it Happen the Easier Way

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What do you really want right now? What is it that you can’t stop desiring, thinking about, dreaming about?

And how do you plan to bring it to pass?

So often that big “how” is what stops us in our tracks. The dreaming part is easy, figuring out the “how” feels like work. Not as much fun. Not as light and fluffy. We can often picture the dream in clarity, and yet the how seems confusing, foggy, unclear.

There are a few things that need to happen if you want that fantasy to become reality.  In the words of one of my mentors, Hiro Boga, “The difference between a fantasy and a manifestation is focused intention, alignment, will and purposeful action.”

Ah yes, purposeful action.  So just what gets us to the place of actually taking that purposeful action? What drives us? And what exactly can we do to make it easier?

One of my favorite ideas is “Doing is work, being is effortless.”

This is where inspiration comes in. When we become inspired the how becomes part of the magic making process, instead of just another chore on the long to-do list.

There is a very clear difference between inspiration and motivation. So often those two words get used interchangeably, and yet they are definitely not the same thing.

Motivation is often attached to avoiding a consequence we don’t want. “I’m motivated to work hard because I’m trying to keep my boss off my back.” or “I’m motivated to exercise because I don’t want to put those 10 pounds back on.” Sort of a bit like shame based self-management, our inner voice telling us that we are a big loser if we don’t do this thing.

And sure, motivation has it’s place. We often know what we don’t want before we get clear about what we do want. And when we want to steer clear of a particular consequence, motivation can be a big help. This is the caterpillar squeezing out of that cocoon because he can’t take being cooped up in there for one more second.

But the real magic happens when we tap into inspiration, when we allow ourselves to be inspired. And inspiration is generally attached to an outcome we desire, as opposed to a consequence we want to avoid.

When we become inspired we suddenly find extra time, extra energy, extra money, extra stamina…whatever it is we need to bring the dream into reality. This is the caterpillar squeezing out of that cocoon because he wants to fly!

Do you want to fly? What is the positive outcome you desire?

Picture it in detail, feel would it will be like when you have it, let it inspire you to focus your intention and take some purposeful action.  Turn that fantasy into a manifestation.

And one more hint, don’t wait on inspiration, inspiration is waiting on you. You got this.

Dream Big.

Love & Magic,




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One Response to Making it Happen the Easier Way

  1. Shan says:

    I love your post. It’s so true that inspiration makes doing the work of bringing our dreams to reality effortless. I often find that it’s hard to get a start, but once you take that small first step inspiration kicks in and you have to force yourself to stop. It reminds me of the little engine that could until he got over the hill!
    Thank you for sharing.
    With love
    Shân xx

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