Making the Shift


So far in the past few posts we’ve covered Energy, Consciousness, Catabolic & Anabolic Energy, and Responsibility.

Today, I will cover the basics of shifting from catabolic energy to anabolic energy.  As mentioned previously, the first step is awareness. Being aware of your own body and feelings is very important to this process.  If I asked you to think of an experience that you have had that was very unpleasant, maybe frightening or worrisome, you would have certain sensations in your body, even upon just remembering the incident.  Likewise, if I asked you to remember a wonderful, joyful experience you would maybe have a sensation in your physical body. These sensations are a good marker for energy levels.  Even the words that describe emotions and feelings at the different energy levels can produce certain feelings….just think of the difference between words like fear, anxiety, anger and words like joy, passion, love. Once we become aware of our own feelings and emotions we then have a another way to gauge where we are energetically.

Language is another great tool.  And you can find previous blog posts here and here that will give you some useful tools and tips on how to use language to help shift your energy from catabolic to anabolic.

Another method is considering the people you surround yourself with and decide how those relationships affect your energy level.  When you are surrounded by people who are constantly arguing, debating, and complaining, how does that affect you?  When you are surrounded with people who are optimistic and joyful and creative, how do you feel?  Energy is contagious, both anabolic and catabolic.  We entrain to each others energy.  When we shift our own energy it affects everything and everyone in our experience.

Here’s to making the shift,


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2 Responses to Making the Shift

  1. Randy Creel says:

    Good post Cindie, especially the part on the type of people we should surround ourselves with.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Randy….glad you enjoyed the post. I think that often people don’t really realize how much the company they keep affects their own experience! And we always have a choice. 🙂

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