Making Things Happen

Recently, I was celebrating an accomplishment with a close friend and he said to me, “Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and some people wonder, “What happened?”  I have contemplated this idea the past few days, and came to realize that we have probably all experienced each facet of this saying at one time or another.

I am sure most of us have had the experience of planning a particular outcome and then working to see it come to pass. The experience of feeling accomplishment that comes with “making things happen” is gratifying.

Then there are the times when we watch others accomplish what we might have, but did not, (“Why didn’t I think of that?”…often said with a slap to the forehead, or maybe worse, “I wish I could do that.”)

And then there might be experiences in our life when suddenly we are feeling a little blindsided and realize that our own self-imposed blindness has engulfed us in darkness for so long that we find a situation where all we can ask is, “What the hell happened?”

So, sure, to assume that most conscious people have experienced this to some degree does not seem like a stretch. However, even if we can all relate, I’d like to inform you of the possibility that in actuality we are all making things happen all the time. Right away, we can reference the studies of quantum physics that show we create our reality by our perceptions—our thoughts.  Our belief systems determine how we perceive things.  How we perceive the world, ourselves, and those around us shows up in our stories, the words we speak.

The things we put our focus on are usually the things that end up being predominant in our life.
What story are you telling about yourself?  So often a little verbal editing works wonders.  “I suck at playing guitar” is a much different story than, “I’m in the process of becoming a better guitar player”, and yet I’m guilty of spinning this both ways.  Nevertheless, I am convinced that once I traded in saying “I suck at guitar” for a better spin I started becoming a better guitar player.

How can you put a more positive spin on your story?  Or rather, the real question is: What do you want your story to be?
You have the power to write your own life story. In fact, you are the only one that can. Start today by putting a positive spin on one small part of your story, then you will be in the process of making things happen, consciously.

Here’s to making things happen,


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2 Responses to Making Things Happen

  1. Brandon Williams says:

    Needed this today. Reminds me to write down “the good things”. It’s actually quite easy.

    • admin says:

      Success is inevitable as long as we keep taking action. 🙂 Thanks for reading! Glad you are finding value here.

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