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“Cindie, I found your Meditation for Attracting Love to be very soothing, calming, beautiful and gently uplifting, it is just what I need right now to bring more love into my life.  I adore the synchronicity of the Universe in sending me just what I need exactly when I need it! I will definitely be checking out your other meditations.”    

Elaine C., Ireland

chiara“Cindie, your voice is magical and I instantly relaxed into the meditation and connected deeply with your words. After I listened to the meditation I felt more open and accepting of love being in my life and loving myself as well. I have felt a deeper sense of love in my life since using this meditation. Thank you!”  

Chiara Irvine,, UK

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Meditation for Attracting Love is a beautiful 20 minute guided meditation with gorgeous music composed by Christophe Lloyd Clarke – yours for just $8

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