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The Empress is a woman who is the sovereign of her realm. She has mastery over every area of her life.

Using the archetypes of The Empress and the Queens of the tarot we’ll uncover the strengths that enable each Queen to rule over her specific country – and develop the Mastery that allows the Empress to rule over the entire realm.

The Queen of Cups who rules the countries of the heart…

The Queen of Coins who rules the physical realms of health  and finances…

The Queen of Swords who rules thought processes  and mental acuity…

The Queen of Wands who has mastery over creativity and generative abilities (which could include fertility if you are wanting a child, or artistic  creativity) – as well as the ability to create your life circumstances…

Of course all of these attributes allow the Empress to rule the entire realm.

We’ll also be tapping into power of The Magician and the The High Priestess as we take our journey towards Mastery.

The Empress – She is a goddess…and she lives in every woman.

In this year long coaching experience we will work together to discover your inner Empress and empower her to work towards Mastery.

I’m an expert in Coaching, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Male/Female Energy, Energy Leadership™, Conscious Creation (sometimes called Law of Attraction), Deep Listening, Dream Analysis, and the Tarot.

In short I’m a Magician specializing in Radical Transformation.

I’ll be there to support you, advise you, coach you, teach you, guide you, counsel you, cheer you on, brainstorm with you, and listen deeply to you – all the while intuiting things that are deep under the surface.

All of my intuitive magic is yours.

We’ll meet on the phone once each quarter (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) for a private 1 hour coaching session.

You will also receive (via emailed custom .pdf file) a quarterly tarot reading.

Each quarter you’ll get a bespoke manifesting technique or ritual, created exclusively for you.

Surprises and gifts along the way (I love surprising my clients with little gifts and treasures!)

And…you’ll have unlimited email access to me for the year.

You can start at anytime and your program will run for 4 consecutive seasons (12 months).

Are you ready to meet the Empress?

Meet the Empress™

Quarterly Private Coaching Sessions, Quarterly Custom Tarot or Oracle readings, Quarterly Bespoke Manifesting Techniques, Gifts & Surprises along the way, and Unlimited email coaching access to me.


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