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This course is unlike any other course you’ve taken on manifesting love. Whether you are looking for a new relationship, desiring to find your soulmate, wanting to love yourself more, or intend on bringing more love into a current relationship – this course has you covered.

In this powerful course we use the lunar cycle as a frame work to bring in blessings of love, connection, friendship, and romance.

Can you imagine your perfect relationship?

What would that look like for you?

I’d like to help you create a wonderful flow of love coming into your life, with the help of the beautiful moon!

We’ll be delving into…

  • The Moon Cycle – how it supports our conscious creation practices
  • Energy levels – how we can identify them and choose them consciously
  • Shadow Integration – the dark side of the moon
  • Law of Attraction – how and why we attract everything we experience
  • Intention setting – how making our lives intentional fires up our creative power
  • Magic Diary – or “how to keep a magic bullet journal”
  • Ritual – the importance and power of even the simplest ritual
  • Spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, and even a bit of planetary magic!)
  • The “Magic Mirror” – my favorite personal growth/relationship tool
  • The 7 Ingredients for Great Chemistry (this isn’t your high school chemistry class)
  • Core Values – the secret that fires up your love life and your magic

2 Options to choose from – Course only or Course + Private Coaching Session…

MOONLIGHT Course – $150
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MOONLIGHT Course w/ Private Session – $350
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Here’s what some participants have to say about MOONLIGHT:

Everytime I take a course with Cindie Chavez I experience a huge shift in my life!  ~Fernanda Falcoa, Brazil

I really enjoyed this course and the structure made it easy peasy! MOONLIGHT helped me to fully believe in myself and know that I am able to be and have what I desire. I’m feeling more free and relaxed around being in an intimate relationship, I’m more optimistic about the future I AM co-creating, and I manifested 2 loving men into my life! Loved the course, thank you so much!  ~Kris Oster, California             

The MOONLIGHT course is helping me to clarify my wishes and dreams, and to “put them out there”. After all, how can the Universe help me with what I want if I don’t know what it is?! Overall I feel more tuned in, aware, and hopeful. It seems like little “aha moments” are happening every day now! I’m more aware now of the way my thoughts and intentions influence the way I experience life. Thank you Cindie!
~Jackie Kirby, Aurora, SD

The most surprising insight I had from the MOONLIGHT course is that Intention + Ritual = Change. Ritual works. My ability to create change through this awareness, intention, and ritual is one of the top benefits I received from participating. I believe that I can change even my most challenging habits through ritual and intention, and the moon supports me in this. I appreciate this course beyond words! In fact, I plan to retake this course as it is offered. It’s worth the investment!
~Juliette Brown, Virginia

I enjoyed the structure of the MOONLIGHT course, it works for novice moon knowledge and the experienced ones. I’m seriously blown away by knowing how much influence the moon has on me! The moment I understood that I was swimming against my own natural rhythm it gave me so much relief. I now understand my own person more. It has given me a lot of peace and calm.        ~Renee Vos Dewael, Perth

I really enjoyed the live Q+A and having a structure to follow, being able to ask personal questions, and being inspired to integrate feminine magic. Your feedback was very helpful! ~Evelyn, Berlin

My favorite part was putting into practice the homework. And, the support was amazing! I feel that now I can accomplish creating rituals to support my intentions, and I have increased self-respect. I really enjoyed this course and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it. I appreciate all the support from Cindie! Most helpful!  ~Jeri Wood, Spartanburg, SC

“The MOONLIGHT course had far more content than I expected! I truly appreciated the caring and encouraging posts from Cindie and looked forward to them everyday. I was impressed by her attentiveness to every question and comment. Now, I’m ready for a new life and a new story.”
~Terri L.

“The MOONLIGHT course was nicely structured. I loved the ritual, because it felt like real magic! I thought it was really cool to be able to share thoughts and ask questions in the Facebook group, it was a great support. I know for sure now that attracting men is easy. It’s been such a pleasure interacting with you, you are so generous and helpful.” ~ Sonia Fee, France

“I loved it! And I loved the Facebook interaction…there’s just something about that sense of collective support that keeps the energy flowing. It’s great to connect with like-minded souls on similar paths. I feel more in tune with the ebb and flow of my energy as the month goes on. I had entered this course with a sense of this already from a physical/cyclical standpoint, but it really helped me to embrace and dive deeper into the energy of the moon. I’m feeling more in touch with my femininity now than I had been before. It’s mysterious and delicious! I experienced insights, clarity, and gentleness with this process.” ~ Janna Kern, Michigan

“I liked very much that the course was structured around one full lunation. One of my favorite parts was the live Q&A call, that was such a great experience with you, Cindie. I came out with some valuable insights about my own workings with regard to love, how I keep it out or let it in, and a new set of choices because of those insights. I was already doing some new moon manifesting before the course, but using it as a focus for clarifying thought and steering manifestation is something I will incorporate for the long haul.”  ~Karen S.

“The structure of the course with the timing of the moon was useful, and the daily Facebook posts along with hearing about others’ experiences was encouraging. Because of the surprising insight I received I can go forward to creating and loving and enjoying this life. I now have some sense of a path to deal with the things that could keep me from moving forward. I’m more patient with myself now. The fact that I can unashamedly and unapologetically speak about my life and the things I want and can have in the ways I want has been so empowering. Now I know it’s possible! And it’s all an INSIDE JOB! It begins with me. Thank you for this lesson and for your ongoing love and support.” ~Tamara N.

The MOONLIGHT course was easy to follow and fit into my schedule. My favorite part of the course was learning about the best activities that correlate to the different phases of the moon. I recognized that I can go with the flow and have fun. I feel like I’m now able to let go of past hurts, even if it’s just a little at a time. This was a fun learning experience!

B.Z., Louisiana


Ready to join us in the MOONLIGHT?

2 Options to choose from – Course only or Course + Private Coaching Session…

MOONLIGHT Course – $150
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MOONLIGHT Course w/ Private Session – $350
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Have Questions? Here are some answers…

Q: I’m ready to find my soulmate, will this course help me?

A: Absolutely! I can’t guarantee that you’ll find your soulmate before the course ends, but I can tell you that if you apply what you learn you’ll be well on your way.  Last time around we saw some big synchronicities and miracles in this course! Whatever your level of “readiness” is, this course will help you move forward towards manifesting love. Get ready!

Q: I’m already in a relationship, is this course for me?

A: Yes! This course will support you in magnifying the love and romance in your relationship.

Q: I want to learn about living in sync with the moon phases but I’m not interested in a new relationship. Will this course be right for me?

A: This course will support you in creating a better relationship with yourself, with life, with your loved ones, with money, with a lover, with your spouse, with your family, all the while teaching you and supporting you in syncing your life with the natural waxing and waning of the moon and using this knowledge and practice to support your manifestation processes.

Q: When does the course start? How is it delivered?

MOONLIGHT – A Course in Manifesting Love consists in 3 lessons/assignments delivered in audio and PDF formats, along with live Q&A calls for each lesson. Each lesson will be emailed on Tuesday and Q&A calls will be the following Tuesday. All lessons are prerecorded and all Q&A calls will be recorded and made available for you in case you can’t be there for the live call. We also have a beautiful community on Facebook (in a private group) to offer you even more support.

Registration opens October 19, 2017

The first lesson will be sent out on Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017. Subsequent lessons will be mailed out on Nov 14th and Nov 28th. The live Q&A calls happen on the following Tuesday after each lesson arrives.
The course is built within the framework of the lunar cycle, so the first lesson will arrive several days ahead of the November Full Moon which will occur on November 5, 2017. The second lesson arrives a few days before the New Moon, giving you plenty of space to address each lesson and assignment.

Q: How much time will I need to allot for this course?

A: MOONLIGHT was created in a way that allows you to invest the time and energy that you have available, it is meant to be used within your daily life without the need to schedule large amounts of time to get results.

  • Living in sync with the moon phases and using that practice to manifest the life you want needs to be an easy and practical way of living.
  • This course is designed to help you ease into that flow and way of life.
  • There are 3 lessons and each audio lesson will be less than an hour of listening time (and will also be sent as a pdf file if you prefer to read).
  • The assignments are gentle and most do not require a great deal of time, most of them will be able to be practiced within the course of your normal activities.
  • We will also have 3 live 60 minute Q&A calls, which will also be recorded.
  • As with any course, what you get out of it depends on what you are willing to put into it.
  • I’ve been mindful to create enough space in the course so that you won’t get overwhelmed while allowing for a good amount of quality content.
  • The lessons are emailed every other Tuesday so there is plenty of space for you to listen and take action.

Q: What does it cost?

A: There are 2 options, the course  is $150 and includes all lessons, live Q&A calls, and membership in the private Facebook group. Less than you’d pay for a fancy dinner for 2 with a good bottle of wine.

AND…If you’d like to include a private session with me (via phone or skype) the cost for course + private session is $350. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No refunds are available, however, if you are unable to attend the course after registering please contact me and we will make sure you are set up to join the class next time it runs. If you aren’t sure you want to join, it may just not be the right course for you right now. Listen to your intuition, if it feels right, say yes.

Registration closes at midnight Pacific Sunday October 29, 2017.

MOONLIGHT Course – $150
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MOONLIGHT Course w/ Private Session – $350
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 More questions? Just ask! I’m happy to answer any questions you’ve got!








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