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Happy Valloween!!

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Love & Magic

Each January I decide what my “theme” for that year will be. I usually make that decision based on what is currently happening in my life, and which direction I want my life to go. (My theme for 2010 was Authenticity & Expansion, and I focused on creating an authentic vision and expanding that vision to include my business and all other areas of my life.)

This year is no exception (although I do expect it to be exceptional!).  I chose my theme based on my current life and its direction.

My theme for 2011 is “Love & Magic.”

We are a few weeks into the new year I can already see that theme taking shape as my intentions and actions align with my theme.

This week I had a phone call from a long lost friend—someone who will always be near and dear to my heart. Somehow life had gotten in the way, and we had not spoken in a very long time. One morning, I woke from a dream. In the dream, I was with my friend, and I told her that I missed her and loved her and wondered how we had gotten so far apart from each other. That night she called me. She had experienced a magical synchronicity that same morning. She interpreted it as a sign that she needed to call me. We talked for an hour, and of course it felt like we had never missed a beat. Love and Magic.

Those of you who work with me personally or have been reading my blog since the beginning (2009) know that my focus has been on personal growth, authenticity, self discovery and empowerment. These concepts will always be a huge part of my offering, because they are authentic to who I am, not just what I do.

As I have grown my business (and myself!) I continue to see a pattern taking place over and over. More and more clients show up to coach with me around relationships, and they are often ambivalent relationships. As I’ve watched this trend I’ve realized that my gifts are being used more and more in this area.

So, this realization has led me to begin developing more offerings that tend to this need. Some of you were involved in a teleclass workshop I taught in November called the Relationship Rescue Blueprint. Considering the reviews of that workshop, and many requests for more, I will be taking a directive to focus my offerings on helping others identify and create the relationships they long for. The Universe has been pretty clear in pointing out to me that this is where my gifts are really shining right now, so I am going to listen up and act on that.

I am excited to be moving in this direction and eager to create offerings that will enhance your relationships. Do you want to find a relationship that feels magical and authentic? Do you want to create a more loving and easy connection in your current relationship? Are you questioning whether the relationship you are currently in is “the one”?

I would love you to email me at and let me know all of the things you want most in your significant relationships. Be sure to include any and all relationship issues that you would like me to address here on the blog. This will also help me develop workshops and classes that will serve you in this area.

Love & Magic,


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How to Be Here, Now.

Have you ever thought about the fact that all we really have is right now? The present moment is the only thing that is truly “real”.

All of our past experiences are so valuable if we allow them to be learning experiences, and all of our plans for the future are truly valuable when we make those plans with intention and wisdom.

Still, the only thing we really ever have is right here, right now, and yet, so often our thoughts have nothing to do with the present moment and everything to do with the past or the future.

The fears and worries that plague us by holding us back and preventing us from making progress are often, if not always, attached to the past or to the future, and often to both.  We have all had an unpleasant experience (in the past) and allowed that memory to form an assumption that given similar circumstances it will happen again.

It is an empowering thing to realize that just because something happened in the past, does not have to mean it will happen again.
And bringing ourselves back to the Now can be a big step in that direction.

A powerful tool for bringing oneself back into the present moment is to become aware of the five senses.

What does the temperature in the room feel like?

What do the clothes you are wearing feel like on your body, on your skin?

If you are eating or drinking, fully focus on the taste, feel, and smell of the food or drink.

What sounds can you hear right now, where you are?

What can you smell?

What colors do you notice in your present location?

All of these queries bring you back to NOW.  All of these senses are being felt by you NOW, in the present moment.

And in this present moment our fears have no power.

Here’s to being here, now,


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Fun on the Agenda

Are we having fun yet?  I’ve heard this question asked sarcastically during events that were anything but fun.

Today I want to ask it seriously, and honestly.

We are 11 days into 2011.  Time flies when we’re ….uh…really busy.

And when we are having FUN.

This morning as I was working out my super busy schedule for the next 60 days I reminded myself how important, yes, even NECESSARY it is to actually schedule in some fun time.   For me, this means planning a dinner party, scheduling in some movie dates, blocking off a half day every week to make some art or play some music, dancing every single day, and putting a few fun phone calls on the calendar.   In my experience, the busier we get the less fun we make time for.  It’s the one thing we put off because we are “too busy”.

By putting fun on the calendar I am giving equal importance to the fun stuff.  Having fun is a necessary part of a healthy life.

When was the last time you laughed really hard with someone you love?  It is magical!

And…laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune function, and improves memory.

We’re 11 days into 2011.  Are you having fun yet?

Post your comments and let me know what you are doing to have fun THIS WEEK!!

Love & Magic (& FUN!!),


Photo Credit: Shelley Massengale

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Ten Thoughts to Take into 2011

Here are a few thoughts to take you into 2011.  Find one or two that will serve you well, and then leave me a comment below!

1.  Staying curious raises your level of consciousness.

2.  Success depends on your willingness to take imperfect action.

3.  You can make your own luck.

4.  Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

5.  You get what you tolerate.

6. Doing is work, Being is effortless.

7.  You’ll never get what you want until you’re clear about what you want.

8.  We are the composite of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

9. Magical moments are happening continually, but we have to be open and willing to see them.

10. Love is the answer.

Happy New Year from Songbird Coaching!!

Here’s to a Year filled with Love & Magic,


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The Song Remains the Same

This week Earth dwellers had the opportunity to view a celestial event that will not happen again in our lifetime (unless of course science quickly discovers a way to extend the human lifespan by about 450 years).

If you didn’t see the total lunar eclipse that coincided with the Winter Solstice this week you can see pictures here.

It was truly spectacular. I set my iPhone alarm for 2:00AM and got up anxiously—hoping the cloud cover that had been present around midnight had dissipated—and to my delight the sky was very clear, complete with an above-average number of visible and brightly shining stars.

I situated myself in a lawn chair and snuggled into my down comforter to watch the heavenly display.

The moon was huge, full, and a warm red-orange color. As I watched the eclipse I noticed a cloud bank move in, the clouds were wispy like a misty expanse of gauze. As the hazy front slid beneath the moon, I was still able to view its lunar glow as it shone through the mist. Happily, I continued to have a clear and unobstructed view of the constant change above me.

I continued to watch, but the clouds grew thicker and at times covered the moon completely, only to continue moving past, revealing the moon again.

Throughout the 45 minutes that I stayed watching I was contemplating the constancy of the moon and how the sunlight, shadows, and clouds altered my perspective and my view, even though the moon actually never changed at all. It reminded me of how some things in life are constant.

It is said that the only constant in nature is change. And although our lives are constantly changing and shifting, some of the best things in life remain from season to season, and from year to year.

When I think of the things that are constant in my life my thought immediately goes to those friendships that always feel best to me; the ones that feel authentic—the ones where I can show up as myself and be completely accepted. Even when a great deal of time has passed without seeing these loved ones, I tend to always feel like it was just yesterday when we had been together, with no time lapse at all. These are relationships—friendships—where I can “sing my own song” and create a harmony with other beings who are also singing a song that is true to who they are.

I consider myself fortunate to have a  whole bundle of people in my life that I have built close bonds with over the span of my life (some of these friendships have lasted decades!), and these relationships always have a quality of “rightness”.

When we are together, it ALWAYS feels right.

When you read these words about relationships that are authentic, who do you think of?

And when was the last time you reached out to those loved ones that come to mind?

The holidays and the new year are a great opportunity to let those special people know how much you appreciate and love them.

My wish for you is that your life will be enriched by authentic relationships, that are constant.

Here’s to harmony,


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Dear Mercury….

There are 15 days until 2011 begins. And Mercury will be retrograde for 14 of them. (Until Dec 30).

It is said among astrologers and numerologists that during Mercury retrograde anything involving contracts, communications, and electronics has a tendency to go haywire, so Mercury Retro is NOT supposed to be a good time to sign contracts or buy electronics…and all communications should be double checked for errors etc. (Careful you don’t send that email to the wrong contact!)

So what IS Mercury Retrograde good for? My short sweet answer….being still. Many of the things that are most beneficial during this time start with the letters re-: relax, review, rewrite, revisit, research, rest, ( and *sigh* reboot.)

I am using this downtime to review my year (what worked, what didn’t) and think about what I want 2011 to look like.

[And for those of you who have no interest in things like astrology, keep reading….the following questions don’t require you to be a mystic, I just thought it was a good jumping off point.]

So, as this year draws to a close I am asking myself questions like:

What do I want to be different next year?

What goals do I want to set for myself?

Who do I want to be in 2011?

What is my theme for next year?

My theme for 2010 was “Authenticity and Expansion”…and it worked very well for me. I started a business that is very authentic to who I am, I wrote my first ebook (watch for the launch!), I traveled (a lot!), I created some very powerful and fulfilling relationships, and I learned a lot more about what works for me and what doesn’t. My question for 2010 when making decisions, “Does this feel authentic, does this expand my life/business/etc.”

My mentor, Morgana Rae, made a statement recently:

“I believe that things work for you until they stop working, that’s a sign to move on.”

What has stopped working for you?

As we get ready to move on into 2011, what will you leave behind?

And what will you move towards?

My wish for you is that the lessons you have learned in 2010 will serve you very well in creating the life you want in 2011, and that you will be open to all of the shining opportunities awaiting you.

Here’s to being open,


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Environment Trumps Intention

Environment always wins.

Recently I read the above phrase on Max Simon’s blog.
And then a couple of days later I saw a quote that said, “Environment is stronger than will-power.” (which I believe was attributed to
Buckminster Fuller).
Then, I read elsewhere (possibly someone’s facebook profile), “It is impossible to
live a healthy life in an unhealthy environment.”
And lastly, during a conversation with a friend this morning, he used the term “environment” to speak of a less than optimal work situation.

As usual, when I begin to recognize a pattern in what I am hearing I take notice.

So, this week, I have been pondering  about my environment and your environment.
What does the word encompass?  I decided to brainstorm a quick list here:
  • What sounds are in your environment on a daily basis?
  • Do you work or live in a place where you are subjected to loud noises, music, soft music, gossip, strife, conversation, arguments, repetitive noises, laughter, television, endless news broadcasts, violence, chatter, air traffic, the sound of the ocean (I could only wish for more of that one!), etc.
  • What people are in your environment?
  • Are the people in your environment angry (for instance, is your job working in the complaint department or in customer service?), are they loving, friendly, compassionate,supportive, in need of support, stressed out, tense, sad, depressed, talkative, funny, caring, easy-going, healthy?
  • What is the physical aspect of the places you spend most of your time?  Hot, cold, air-conditioned, auto-exhaust, beauty, chemical exposure, comfortable,  florescent lighting, cleanliness, order, clutter, disarray?
The list of  questions I could ask regarding environment seems endless, and just answering a few of these will build awareness to how your environment is supporting you, or not. Remember, in most cases environment trumps intention.  Here is what to do to set yourself up for success:
SET YOUR INTENTION (get as clear as possible about what you want) and -then-
MODIFY YOUR ENVIRONMENT to support that intention.

Here’s to a healthy environment,


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The Things We Know


Recently I was coaching a client whom I had previously given a short assignment that included a visioning exercise. While talking about it during our next session my client expressed to me that part of it wasn’t really anything she was actively “visioning”, or “imagining”, she said, but rather it was just something she had “always known”….She related picturing herself as “40-something” (and she is not yet 40), independent, and “successfully running something, like a company.”

This triggered a few memories of my own of conversations with a close friend about “things we’ve always known.”

The conversation I remember is one in which my friend told me that she’d “always known” that she would have her own ‘single girl’ apartment “one day”…and yet,  she was married. But even while she was married she had a “knowing” about this, she literally “saw herself” living as an independent single woman, in her own beautiful apartment.

And yes, that is exactly where she now is, and I would add to that description that she is successful, empowered, and incredibly happy.

Personally I can say the same thing, that I have held a vision of certain things in my own life for years and years. I like to call them “background visions”…because even though these were things that I saw, I admit I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them most of the time. I realize now that I had a very certain and absolute knowing about them, which is much easier to recognize now that they are beginning to materialize.

I believe that the dreams we have for ourselves begin to manifest when we:

  1. Pay Attention

  2. Give them the weight they deserve

  3. Open up to them

  4. Realize that those dreams (or visions or ‘knowings’) are an authentic and integral part of who we really are (as opposed to who everyone else has tried to convince us to become).

What vision do you hold of yourself?

How would it impact your life if you viewed it as something you knew for sure, instead of some wallpaper hanging in the background of your mind?

What do you feel (not what do you think) when you open yourself up to the possibility of that vision becoming reality?

How would your perception of yourself change if you were brave enough to be authentic?

None of us know the whole truth about what the future holds, but we have the ability to know far more than we usually give our self permission to grasp, if we’ll just be open, and pay attention to what we really know.

Here’s to seeing how bright your future really is,



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