Recently I’ve been listening (non-stop) to the new CD from BT, titled These Hopeful Machines.  A few lyrics that caught my ear, and my RAS, are these….

Let’s just remember
Life’s such a beautiful mistake
It’s precious and fragile
Sometimes more than we can take

It’s stronger than fire
Greater than all the wars we wage
Letting go of fault and blame
‘Cause I don’t want to be perfect anymore

Yeah, I don’t want to be perfect anymore
And you don’t have to be perfect anymore

But your love, your love, your love, your love
Is perfect just the same

The main reason my ears and brain perked up over these particular lyrics is due to a synchronicity regarding the word ‘perfect’ and the idea “I don’t want to be perfect anymore.”  It seems I hear this more often than you might think  from clients who would readily agree with the above sentiment ( “I don’t want to be perfect anymore.”)  And this idea is usually coming from someone who is tired of trying to fulfill someone else’s definition of perfection.

I want to point out one definition of the word perfect, namely, “whole”, or “complete.”   I really believe that each of us is already “whole”, each of us is “complete”.  Do you believe that about yourself? How would it affect your experience of life if you were to choose that belief? And this isn’t to suggest that we stop growing or developing ourselves, it just implies that we already have what we need to move forward and continue growing and learning and becoming.

And, yes, as above lyrics state,  letting go of fault and blame (including self-blame) is an excellent, and empowering, action.

As a coach, I really do believe that every one of my clients is complete, and that each one of us has all of the right “stuff” we need to live our perfect life.  Once we discover our own unique Purpose,   our own Path to get there,  and our own unique way of Being, it is then, that we see we are already perfect, already complete.

Here’s to you, recognizing how perfect you really are,


with apologies to BT if my interpretation of your lyrical intent is less than perfect 😉

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