[Q&A] Impatience!


Question: “How can I handle the impatience until I find the right one?”

Wow, this is such a great question, and let me explain why…

It is because what I am going to suggest to you (the remedy for handling the impatience) is EXACTLY the thing that will most likely allow you to attract “the right one” much easier!

And that is to immediately take some action to fill your life (and your calendar) with ideas, activities, new discoveries, adventures, friends, hobbies, places, people and events that you LOVE.

Impatience is usually connected with “waiting”.  Especially if that thing you are waiting on (in this case “finding the right one”) is something you are connecting with fulfilling a need you have.  “Once I find the right one I will be ___________.”

We either wait patiently for something or we get impatient.  In this circumstance the remedy is to stop waiting.

Stop waiting.

Get busy!

What are the things that excite you? What activities bring a smile to your face? What new discoveries await you? What adventures are on your to-do list?

When your life is FULL and you are doing things and going places and spending time with people you’ll begin to notice that you are less impatient.

The idea is to get so busy enjoying your life that you couldn’t even imagine feeling impatient.

Putting yourself in the posture of “waiting” (even just mentally) creates a condition of neediness and neediness is NOT attractive.

What IS attractive is confidence, vibrancy; smiling, laughter, joy, playfulness…and all of these things are evidence of a full, happy life.

Pay attention to what makes you feel good.  Your feelings are a miracle!  Pay attention to what interests you, what piques your curiosity, and then explore it further.

One of my favorite quotes is from Goethe, “At the moment I fully commit, the Universe conspires to assist me.”

Commit yourself to creating a life that you love and the Universe will assist you in finding the love of your life.

Love & Magic,


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  1. Rocio says:

    Thank you, It is just what I needed today! Love!

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