The first energy level that begins to be anabolic is the level of responsibility.  In the Energy Leadership model this would be Level 3 energy.
This is the level where we begin to take responsibility for our own reactions and responses, for our own emotions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and for our own life in general.

Previously, I mentioned how the lower levels of energy are the most predominant levels in the world today, and at those levels everything is usually perceived as being someone else’s fault. These lower levels are numbered 1 through 2. At Levels 1 & 2, there is a lot of blame. Whenever you hear a statement like, “She really makes me mad.” WATCH OUT! That is a lower level of consciousness being expressed!  Remember: No one has the power to “make you mad.” We all get to make that choice for ourselves.

At this point of realization, we can begin to make the choice and take responsibility for our own “stuff”. This is the anabolic Level 3.  We all have our own baggage and if we are responsible we will prefer to carry it ourselves.
This is also the level where great coping skills are honed.

There are higher levels that are much more anabolic, and where things become much easier still.  However, this is the beginning, and this is the first shift to be made.

Are you taking responsibility for your own feelings and experiences?  One small shift you can make is to be aware of anytime you start a sentence with “That makes me” or “He/She makes me” etc.  Then change that sentence.  All feelings are valid, so feeling frustrated or angry is fine, just be sure to own it instead of putting the blame on someone else.  Instead of “He makes me angry”, try, “I feel angry when this happens.”  Own your own stuff.  Be responsible.  It is empowering.  It is the beginning of anabolic energy, and letting things be a little easier.

Here’s to being responsible,


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