Setting Boundaries is an Act of Love

Strong Boundaries

This past week I noticed a common thread running through most of my coaching sessions…and when that happens, I try to pay attention and do the following:

1. Look in the mirror to see what the Universe is saying to ME so I can be sure I’m maintaining my own integrity here, and

2. Write a blog post so you can too.

So what is the thread I caught?  Boundaries and tolerating crap things.

Generally, the amount of things you tolerate is directly related to the strength of your boundaries.

The way you are treated by others is YOUR responsibility.  That awful behavior that you have been tolerating, it’s because YOUR boundaries are weak.  You CANNOT change other people, only yourself.
You must be the one to create and maintain strong boundaries.  But that’s not enough, you must also communicate them clearly, with love, compassion, and empathy.  No fair getting angry or being resentful at someone for crossing a line they couldn’t see. The thing is –  Setting boundaries is an act of love.

The quality of our lives and the lives of those we love is influenced by the boundaries we establish.

If you need some practical pointers on how to do this specifically, you’ll find some here: 8 Tips for Setting Strong Boundaries.

The holidays are approaching quickly. With all of those parties and family gatherings coming up we’ll all find plenty of opportunities to show off our boundaries!!

Love & Magic,



P.S. Have you learned my Peace Power Process™ yet?  Works like magic, and it could be just what you need for the holidays.



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