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Curiousity Killed the Catabolism

Catabolism… The first time I ever heard that word was from the lips of a very caring naturopath who at the time was reading some of my test results. I had been very sick and having trouble keeping weight on, … Continue reading

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The Path of Least Resistance

Recently I had a conversation with a friend that included the words “hard work”.  My friend related to me that a certain situation “was hard work, but worth it.”  Now, to be fair, I think we all can relate to … Continue reading

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Making the Shift

So far in the past few posts we’ve covered Energy, Consciousness, Catabolic & Anabolic Energy, and Responsibility. Today, I will cover the basics of shifting from catabolic energy to anabolic energy.  As mentioned previously, the first step is awareness. Being … Continue reading

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Destructive Energy

The lowest levels of energy are catabolic.  The term catabolic literally means to “throw down”.  In physiology, catabolism refers to destructive metabolism. It is the breaking down of living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones.  Our bodies produce … Continue reading

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As a Core Energy Coach one of the things I do constantly is identify energy levels.  There are seven levels of energy that span the spectrum from the very lowest level, marked by the presence of apathy, to the highest … Continue reading

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