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The Comfort Zone

THE COMFORT ZONE.  It is a phrase we have all heard before, and I suppose that we each have our own perception of just what it means.   We are admonished by motivational speakers, ministers, teachers, bosses, and coaches to … Continue reading

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How to Find Your Soulmate

How to find your soulmate; thousands of people search this phrase on Google every month. Apparently a huge number of people are on this quest to find their soulmate. This past weekend I attended the wedding of one of my … Continue reading

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Time to Let Go

Recently, I attended a private mastermind group at the home of John Assaraf.  The whole event was incredible….and as usual, in any event where there is SO MUCH amazing transcendent thought going on, I was especially affected by ONE statement during … Continue reading

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Hear No Evil

As children, most of us were taught to “say please and thank you.” Marshall Rosenberg said that anytime anyone expresses anything they are always either saying “please” or “thank you.” Often what we hear people say does not sound like … Continue reading

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Smile Like You Mean It

The other day I was driving my car, with my two sons along for the ride. Traffic was a mess and we were waiting to make the left hand turn onto our street when traffic opened up, but then before … Continue reading

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Your Dream Team

January.  I love this time of year.  It always feels new, fresh, and full of promise.  A fresh start.  A time to focus on goals and intentions for the coming year. Goals, Intentions, and Dreams. Some of us are actively … Continue reading

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