I use tarot as a tool for personal growth.

I’ve been reading tarot for over 15 years and find it to be a beautiful way to tap into inner wisdom.

The archetypal images are powerful and the messages they relay can be a very positive catalyst for growth, change, comfort, and gaining new perspectives. I believe that each of us has all the answers we need within, and a tarot reading can support you in finding those answers.
I do not use tarot cards to “tell the future” (although I often hear that what comes up in my readings is “spot on”, I believe this is because we are all connected and I have a very developed sense of intuition.)

Since I’ve been practicing aligning my daily life, both magical and mundane elements of it, with the lunation cycle, I’ve found it helpful to choose a new tarot deck for each New Moon and use it to read for the entire lunation cycle.

Right now I’m reading with David Palladini’s Aquarian Tarot, a beautiful deck that is one of my favorites. Just check out this Ace of Rods card, isn’t it gorgeous? 😀

Ace of Rods from the Aquarian Tarot

3-card reading using the Aquarian Tarot

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This 3 card reading will be delivered to you via email and includes a 5-page pdf file with a thoughtful and intuitive personal reading and will include pictures of the cards I draw for you. You will receive your reading within 3 business days (usually much sooner).

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Tarot readings are for entertainment only, and not to be used for medical and/or legal advice.

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