Thankful for Every Single Thing

Is it possible?  To be thankful for every single thing?

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us here in the U.S., I’m reading all of the sentiments being posted in social media  and  I see people mentioning all of the things they are thankful for….

Topping the list: Love, family, friends, pets, health, beauty, art, music

And I ask… what about the “other” stuff.  The stuff that doesn’t make the list…

That awful cold you had last month.

The flat tire.

The major car repairs that happened at a most inopportune time (is there ever a good time to have your car break down?)

The relationship that ended.  Badly.

The boss that didn’t appreciate your contribution.

The _________________. (feel free to fill in the blank with whatever crappy rotten thing you want).


You know,  THAT stuff.

Is it possible to be thankful for it?

I want to tell you how you can be thankful for the “other” stuff. You can ask yourself,  “What is the most valuable thing that happened because of this?”

Serendipity happens when we look for one thing and find something better.  The thing is, we have to be willing to see the better thing.

Gratitude opens up our mind and heart to “see” the goodness that is all around us, the sweetness of life that is just waiting to love us up.

I’m thankful for every single thing these days…even when I don’t understand how it will make the list.

Because I know that somehow it eventually will.

Love & Magic,


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2 Responses to Thankful for Every Single Thing

  1. Pete says:

    Excellent! Excellent! Food for thought, Thanks for sharing a new twist in life, it’s great to be alive and thankful for all the good and bad.

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