The Bluebird of Happiness is Not in Your Future.

Sorry to have to bring this to your attention.  But the Bluebird of Happiness is not in your future.

So you can put away the field guide, the binoculars, and that picnic lunch you brought.

How do I know this, you ask?  Because, Happiness can only be found in the present moment.  Sure, you may feel happy while thinking of a pleasant past event, but you are feeling it NOW.

Happiness is always NOW.  Consider how silly it would be if I was looking around in my bedroom closet for something I had left in my office.  That would make no sense, and be a total waste of time and energy. Not to mention that it would most likely produce frustration and discouragement.

Often we are conditioned to think we must have a reason to be happy.  We are waiting until a specific thing happens….”I’ll be happy when…..” but the time to be happy is now.  I am making an effort in my own language to eliminate the “I’ll be happy when” and “I’ll be happy if” phrases from my vocabulary.  I have been trying out “I’ll be pleased if” instead.  Because honestly, I’m already happy.  Right now.

And after all,  all we really ever have is right here, right now.

Love & Magic,


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