The Power of Imperfection

Yesterday someone told me that recently they were aware that they’ve been continually starting things (lots of “things”!) without finishing them.

Typically we catagorize this as “procrastination”.

What is that thing you are procrastinating about?

What is that thing you keep saying you really want, and yet you haven’t moved forward towards it.

What is that thing that you started, and haven’t yet finished?

What is it that you are wishing for?

Whatever “it’ is probably just came to mind when you read the previous questions.

I do not consider myself a procrastinator in general. I like to get things done.

I also like things to be done in the best way possible, and this is where I run into roadblocks sometimes—they look like research and preparation— too much time spent arranging an effort in order to give myself the best opportunity to start and complete a task in the best way possible.

Sometimes we blame these roadblocks on “perfectionism”.

But perfectionism is not about being perfect, it’s about feeling secure.

And so many times these roadblocks stop progress all together. (This is sometimes referred to as “paralysis by analysis.”)

One of my favorite ideas is this:
“Your success is determined by your willingness to take imperfect action.”

The most fundamental thing that has ever held me back in any area of my life was my unwillingness to take action unless my actions were “perfect”.

That is, until I realized that thinking about perfect action is not forward progress, and wishing it were so will not make it so.

I remember years ago a close friend told me that they wanted to start a meditation practice.

I told them, “Start slow, 5 minutes…”
“How about 5 breaths?” they replied.

I love that reply, and upon hearing it I realized I needed to bring myself back to this whole concept of imperfect action.

Start where you are…and move forward, and then move forward again.

What small thing can you do today that would be a step in the direction of where you want to be?


How willing are you to take imperfect action?

Your success depends on it.

When you stop worrying about perfection and start taking action (however imperfect), the magic will begin.

Love & Magic


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