The Song Remains the Same

This week Earth dwellers had the opportunity to view a celestial event that will not happen again in our lifetime (unless of course science quickly discovers a way to extend the human lifespan by about 450 years).

If you didn’t see the total lunar eclipse that coincided with the Winter Solstice this week you can see pictures here.

It was truly spectacular. I set my iPhone alarm for 2:00AM and got up anxiously—hoping the cloud cover that had been present around midnight had dissipated—and to my delight the sky was very clear, complete with an above-average number of visible and brightly shining stars.

I situated myself in a lawn chair and snuggled into my down comforter to watch the heavenly display.

The moon was huge, full, and a warm red-orange color. As I watched the eclipse I noticed a cloud bank move in, the clouds were wispy like a misty expanse of gauze. As the hazy front slid beneath the moon, I was still able to view its lunar glow as it shone through the mist. Happily, I continued to have a clear and unobstructed view of the constant change above me.

I continued to watch, but the clouds grew thicker and at times covered the moon completely, only to continue moving past, revealing the moon again.

Throughout the 45 minutes that I stayed watching I was contemplating the constancy of the moon and how the sunlight, shadows, and clouds altered my perspective and my view, even though the moon actually never changed at all. It reminded me of how some things in life are constant.

It is said that the only constant in nature is change. And although our lives are constantly changing and shifting, some of the best things in life remain from season to season, and from year to year.

When I think of the things that are constant in my life my thought immediately goes to those friendships that always feel best to me; the ones that feel authentic—the ones where I can show up as myself and be completely accepted. Even when a great deal of time has passed without seeing these loved ones, I tend to always feel like it was just yesterday when we had been together, with no time lapse at all. These are relationships—friendships—where I can “sing my own song” and create a harmony with other beings who are also singing a song that is true to who they are.

I consider myself fortunate to have a  whole bundle of people in my life that I have built close bonds with over the span of my life (some of these friendships have lasted decades!), and these relationships always have a quality of “rightness”.

When we are together, it ALWAYS feels right.

When you read these words about relationships that are authentic, who do you think of?

And when was the last time you reached out to those loved ones that come to mind?

The holidays and the new year are a great opportunity to let those special people know how much you appreciate and love them.

My wish for you is that your life will be enriched by authentic relationships, that are constant.

Here’s to harmony,


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2 Responses to The Song Remains the Same

  1. Aida Lisan says:

    Love this. There’s nothing like feeling like no time has passed between friends.

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